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php-java-bridge for Debian -------------------------- This Debian package was compiled for installing php5 C modules, j2ee server, docs and development files using separated packages. Also, it must use Sun Java 6 and Tomcat 5.5, as of today. You must use the J2EE version, because C implementation was removed from distribution and source tree. This file release do not include C implementation binary. This version is not compatible with php 4.x. Compilation against GCJ is possible, but some tweaks must be done. Read the other document files. This version needs debhelper >= 7.4.11~bpo50+1 for build. This version uses ant build environment, and only SELinux still use make. This package uses an EXPERIMENTAL and TOO permissive Tomcat 5.5 security policy. Only suitable for security benign development environments. Java security is not actually enough for blocking malicious code from php. The production quality solution should be using Security Enhanced Linux policies. Read more at the "devel" package, "/usr/share/doc/php-java-bridge-devel/examples/security" directory. This version includes minimal SE Linux rules for starting Tomcat 5.5 and php-java-bridge. Please, contribute improved rules to the project. This version needs PhpDocumentor in order to build. It is not packaged for Debian yet. You must install php-pear, dh-make, dh-make-pear packages and then execute, logged as root and if your Apache document root is at /var/www: # pear channel-update "pear.php.net" # pear config-set data_dir /var/www/pear Then OR you could install PhpDocumentor using pear: # pear install --alldeps PhpDocumentor OR you could create debian packages for it and its dependencies (XML_Beautifier, XML_Parser, XML_Util) logged as regular user (you may cd to individual directories for each): $ dh-make-pear --depends php-xml-beautifier, php5-cli PhpDocumentor $ dh-make-pear --depends php-xml-util, php-xml-parser XML_Beautifier $ dh-make-pear XML_Util $ dh-make-pear XML_Parser Then enter at each respective pear module source directory as regular user: $ debuild -uc -us These commands will build rough debian packages for the pear modules. You may need to adjust dependency field at each debian/control files, and maintainer field, at least. Install these pear module debian packages in order to compile php-java-bridge debian packages. After having all these pear dependencies satisfied, use the command as regular user: $ debuild -rfakeroot -uc -us at a directory you downloaded the .dsc, .changes, .diff.gz, orig.tar.gz files and given you already have all devscripts tool chain Debian packages installed. 1. Creating and Building Debian package directly from CVS Most steps are only needed if you will commit a new version to the repository. If you want only to build an already commited version, you will need only create a local working area (checkout module) as anonymous cvs user and then jump to the step "building the package". 1.1 Creating package 1.1.1 Create your local project area (checkout module to your local CVS area). See http://sourceforge.net/cvs/?group_id=117793 The commands below are suitable for cvs commiters. Use your sourceforge cvs username. If you are only building the package, use anonymous cvs checkout as instructed in the URL. $ mkdir ~/projects $ cd ~/projects $ export CVS_RSH=ssh $ cvs -d:ext:your_sourcefoge_cvs_username@php-java-bridge.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/php-java-bridge checkout php-java-bridge Now you should have your own local area (checked out module) in ~/projects/php-java-bridge If you are only building the package, jump to the step 2. If you are trying to merge a downloaded and then expanded src.tgz into the cvs tree, use the command below, adapting it to the suitable version. $ cp --recursive --update --verbose --archive \ --preserve php-java-bridge-5.2.2/* --target-directory=php-java-bridge 1.1.2 Commit the (eventual) changes to the repository. Ideally, you will not to do this, if step is not needed. 1.1.3 Create an upstream tag. The formating is VERY strict. Adapt to the suitable version. $ cd ~/projects/php-java-bridge $ cvs -f tag 'upstream_version_6_1_1' '.' 1.1.4 Create or edit the Debian php-java-bridge specific patches. $ cd ~/projects/php-java-bridge $ dpatch-edit-patch patch 10_MakefileFrag_patch Copy around from a personal template or edit the Makefile.frag into the ./debian directory. Exit dpatch shell. All your modifications were being recorded and will result in the defined patch file name into the ./debian/patches directory. 1.1.5 Modify the Debian changelog in the correct way. It is very important to follow the strict formating, as the Debian changelog is actualy used as one of the package control files. $ debchange -v 6.1.1-1 1.1.6 Modify some other */debian files, if needed. 1.1.7 Commit all changes. 1.1.8 Create the Debian version tag. The formating is very strict. Adapt to the suitable version. $ cd ~/projects/php-java-bridge $ cvs -f tag 'debian_version_6_1_1-1' '.' 2. Building the package from cvs tree. If you are only building the package, you could use the anonymous cvs pserver login and checkout as explained in previous item. $ mkdir ~/compilation_tmp $ cd ~/projects/php-java-bridge Hint: You need to specify the absolute path to the temporary scratchpad working area instead of ~/. $ cvs-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc -us -R. -W/home/andremachado/compilation_tmp The generated files will result at the specified temporary scratchpad working area. 3. Different port on Debian systems The Tomcat php-java-bridge deployment could be tested at http://localhost:8180/JavaBridge with or without SE Linux packaged rules installed. The port is configured 8180 in order to avoid conflict with Apache. -- Andre Felipe Machado <andre.machado@serpro.gov.br> Tue, 06 Apr 2010 13:53:02 -0300
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