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Everybody loves a good demo. A full guest demo (without write permissions) is hosted on the ClrHome site.

For the admin demo (with write actions, login as "admin" with password "admin." For guest (without write permissions), use "guest" as the username and password.


Download index.php. This is the only file you'll need, and the only file Phinder will ever use.

Everything you can configure is in the top section of index.php and is heavily commented. Edit this with any plain-text editor, such as Notepad, then save and upload to your server wherever you want to access it. You're done!

Uploading files

Just drag-and-drop!

In a future version, a static upload form will be added for browsers that do not support the drag-and-drop file reading.

Keyboard shortcuts

Much of the work put into the UI went into making it keyboard-friendly. Anything you can do in Phinder with a mouse, you can do without one!

  • Up, Down, Shift, and Ctrl: navigation
  • Ctrl+Down or Ctrl+O: open directory or file
  • Ctrl+Up: go to parent directory
  • Ctrl+R: refresh listing
  • Ctrl+Backspace: delete file
  • Enter: rename file

All Ctrl-key shortcuts use Cmd (⌘) on a Mac.


The Source folder contains source images used by Phinder. They have already been incorporated into the main script and are not required for use.

The full, human-readable source is contained in the index.php file.


For bug reports and suggestions, please visit our new bug report system. Enjoy!

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