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  • crio2c5
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    seems to be a good one Thanks Visit us @ //

    Posted 04/20/2014
  • aliraza123
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    I love this pH7 script, I am new to this one. I installed 4 times and get same issue. As an Admin I can not move a user to one membership to another membership level. There is bug. I enabled debug and I can see the following error while changing user membership from free to paid silver, gold etc level. Warning: Missing argument 4 for PH7\UserCoreModel::updateMembership(), called in app/system/modules/user/forms/processing/EditFormProcess.php on line 28 and defined in /app/system/core/models/UserCoreModel.php on line 1247 Notice: Undefined variable: sDateTime in app/system/core/models/UserCoreModel.php on line 1253 Message: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1221 Incorrect usage of UPDATE and LIMIT File: app/system/core/models/UserCoreModel.php Line: 1254 There is a bug, can not change membership levels in admin panel for the user. PLEASE HELP ME, how I can fix that bug. I really need to fix it because I love this script. Also the cron job settings are so confusing I added GET in the start and without GET as well still does not run. I am using Arvixe hosting. Please can you make cron job settings tutorial more easier to understand. That would be great. Thanks heaps in advance. Cheers

    Posted 04/13/2014
  • vernsouthern
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    The software is good but not great. The claim "It is low resource-intensive" is not correct. I tried to run the software in Ajax mode and after a day my web host (HostGator) blocked my IP address "I apologize, but I was forced to place a temporary block your on IP address, which was rapidly hitting AJAX resources on mywebsite. As it was causing a high load on the server, and due to it affecting all of the other accounts on the system, I was forced to take immediate action for the health of the server. Julian F. Systems Monitoring LLC." In a 3 day period the software used 572.3 of Bandwidth Transfer. That works out as about 5 GB Bandwidth Transfer for just administration of the website. The features to monetize the website would not work. I could not turn on the Members or the Advertizement Banners. This things listed above could probably be worked through except for one gigantic problem. This project has next to no information available. I was able to find the absolute minimum required documentation at the softwares website The documentation helps you to install the software and tells you how to log in to the control panel. As for the "29 native modules", I could not find any information either in the software or on the software website for instruction or usage. Support? After installing I found support is available for "Ticket Support (1 month) 95.00 USD". Also "Branding Removal License of 535.00 USD" makes this software impractical for real world use.

    Posted 03/31/2014
  • amitvns04
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    sir, this script supports php 5.4, my hosting plan gives me php 5.3 is there any version of ph7 supports php 5.3.x

    Posted 03/31/2014