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generates nice period table from given data

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PTE (among other things) generates periodic tables from variable data (the data and layout can be changed for a particular subject). Includes Pauli Exclusion makers and some data. Charts can be browsed with an iPhone nicely (may need .jpg, .gif nicer). It's printable at a small size. This chart is neat, compact to print, yet has plenty of data. Layout change un-restricted but is non-interactive. which is good and bad: it does the job.

CreateModule creates a Function from roped lines. New way to trace / debug ! eval lines freely, func created from. (jutils.nb)

also: READMEs, .nb, miscellany in Files ^^

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  • fNBookForm2 "" maintains Accuracy, Precision, Rounding choice , +
  • fNBookForm formats numbers with scientific abreviations for compactness
  • CreateModule creates a function from lines of code using boundry tag !!
  • CreateModule is a technique to write and debug complex long functions
  • RunTo can run code from tag to where executed
  • groupadjacent splits like you'd think (no Mathematica's Split bug)
  • IncrementToward / Away are very convenient is some situations
  • fNBookForm2 is a huge improvement over fnbf, still has small footprint
  • fNBookForm2 width, rounding, showprec, fill, sigzeros, commas, dbg, sep
  • fNBookForm2Arb suggest prettier form for Arbitrary numbers
  • booknum can read booknumbers from book(form) (more loosely)
  • n-chinese-remainders gives any n consecutive soln to cr, not just one
  • n-cr solves by pairs, offering more freedom to cr solving
  • n-cr also has: caesar, InverseMod, congruenceX, ModAdd, cr-chart
  • n-cr also has: euclidian funs, rsa, changeofbase, primefactoring, more
  • NEW: PTE: gs-script: time to make .5G pstogif reduced from min to sec
  • (if you have psrender that freezes and or ps2image that takes minutes)
  • NEW: Months has full calendar conversions mm does not + moonphase
  • NEW: Months has some astronomic features, ie JDN, Epochs, etc
  • NEW: Months is now separate download, not required
  • NEW: all v. 1.4 (minor adds, only Months is much different, n-cr same)


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