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pentobi-4.2-install.exe.asc 2012-10-07 230 Bytes 11 weekly downloads
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pentobi-4.2.tar.gz 2012-10-07 696.2 kB 11 weekly downloads
Files: pentobi-4.2-install.exe Installer for Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7) pentobi-4.2.tar.gz Source code distribution pentobi-4.2-install.exe.asc pentobi-4.2.tar.gz.asc GPG signatures to verify the integrity of the files Changes in version 4.2: * Fixed crash when opening game info dialog in game variants Classic Two-Player or Trigon Two-Player Changes in version 4.1: * Result of rated game was counted wrongly in four-color/two-player game variants if the first player had a higher score than the second player but the first color a lower score than the second color. * Fixed potential crash if Undo, Truncate or Truncate Children is selected while the computer is thinking. * Automatic continuing of computer play did not work in some cases if the computer was thinking while the Computer Color dialog was used. Changes in version 4.0: * New menu item "Beginning of Branch" * The rating dialog now also shows the best previous rating and has a button to reset the rating * A thumbnail plugin for KDE can be built by using the CMake option -DPENTOBI_BUILD_KDE_THUMBNAILER=ON * Replaced the icons with less colorful ones. All icons are now licensed under the GPLv3+ and include SVG sources. No icons from the Tango icon set are used anymore.
Source: README, updated 2012-10-07