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  • ejgouda
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    Install is going well and a little bit strange that you can not change the default output directory. Then you get Sandbox Errors in OS X El Capitan, which result in empty .pdf files. In the log it says: [ERROR] error in creating pdf from input stream

    Posted 11/08/2015
  • danabuuu
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    I needed a way to generate PDFs from a Windows program running in Crossover (Wine). This did the trick. Here's the fix to make the install work for El Capitan 10.11 - After installing the package go back and explore the contents of the installer package, then open up the .gz archive. Copy the PDFWriter.ppd file from the archive (Archive/Library/Printers/Lisanet/PDFwriter/) to your machine in /Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources. Now go to the Printers dialog and add the printer, choosing the Lisanet driver as explained in the documentation. As others have mentioned, the PDFs you generate end up in Users/Shared/PDFwriter/<username>.

    Posted 10/24/2015
  • mikepro2
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    I find the way to use PDFWriter on OSX 10.11 Juste you see that the Lisanet driver is not présent when you add printer... so you can add it manualy on the following path ! /Library/Printers/Lisanet/PDFwriter/PDFwriter.ppd It working fine now !!! thanks to me ;-)

    Posted 10/21/2015
  • elihubogan
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    confirm no longer works in 10.11 - the "Lisanet PDFWriter" options never appears in the 'use with' option during install.

    Posted 10/10/2015
  • ingconti
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    confirm does NOT work on 10.11

    Posted 10/09/2015
  • silvuwe
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    It works!

    Posted 10/05/2015
  • jpstaub
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    This review based on OS X 10.10.5 installation. Package installed with no problem. Documentation for adding PDFwriter as a printer was OK. As others have noted, PDFwriter alias was broken. A few minutes was spent trying to track down the original folder to no avail. The decision was made to give PDFwriter a try to see what would happen. As it turns out, the user is able to choose a name and destination for the PDFwriter output. Nice. PDFwriter produced the required PDF. So, PDFwriter works well. However, the documentation is poor for OS X 10.10. There is no need to sweat the broken alias as it appears to be irrelevant for the given operating system.

    Posted 09/28/2015
  • phx1939
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    Downloaded PDFwriter for Mac, ran it once, and like so many others could not locate the file created. After some web searching, I found the rather obscure destination folder, which is not described in the documentation. The solution is: PDFwriter installs a shortcut to printed files. You can find it at: <boot folder>/Users/Shared/PDFwriter You can also use Terminal app. Just paste the following command (then hit enter): open /private/var/spool/pdfwriter/ Now, it is a complete app and useful. Suggest better documentation within the app as it runs, or better yet, a choice of destination folder. Otherwise, happy to have this tool in my toolbox.

    Posted 09/05/2015
  • j4im
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    Worked perfectly for me. Adobe Reader selfishly prevented me from saving a form to PDF; this solved the problem.

    Posted 04/29/2015
  • mrretro
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    Needs to be updated! I'm getting zero bytes after the Yosemite install..

    Posted 01/07/2015
  • cursus999
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    running 10.8.5 on iMac 3.06 GHz Core 2 with 12 GB RAM doesn't work for me - acts like it's working - at end all I find is broken alias to PDFWriter folder

    Posted 01/02/2015
  • amiracam
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    Unfortunately, the only thing I can verify is that it behaves as a real printer from an OS interaction perspective including code interaction which is important to me. However, at least under Mac OS X 10.10.1 i.e. Yosemite I cannot find the pdf files in the stated location provided by the readme e.g. Users/Shared/PdfWriter , all I find there is a broken alias

    Posted 12/20/2014
  • garnoldhbi
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    Good tool. We have an editable PDF that we edit prior to sending to clients. However, with our Mac users, we weren't able to save the edited version as an uneditable PDF. This tool allowed us to do that. The only drawback to this is that after we printed to PDFWriter, it rotated each page vertically although the content was in landscape mode. If anyone has a solution to keep the pages in landscape mode to be able to read as is when it opens that would be great, otherwise I'll have to go the long way and open through preview to edit and then save as PDF. Not a ton of extra time, but an extra step I was hoping to avoid.

    Posted 11/20/2014
  • dmcjeff
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    just what i needed. THANKS very much, appreciated @!

    Posted 10/22/2014
  • gerrypc
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    Ottimo strumento! Su Mac OS Maveric consente di stampare in 80K disegni cad che con l'esportazione in pdf di sistema peserebbeo 9MB Non ho trovato il modo per scegliere io dove salvare il file stampato

    Posted 03/02/2014
  • yawstring
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    Why this product when the Mac can print to PdF? I have an app that will print many one page documents in a process. With the built in Mac feature, you get one pdf document. With PDF Writer you get a document for each individual print job. This is perfect for my need.

    Posted 01/29/2014
  • zekslite
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    Two good things, two problems. Good: 1) The download and installation process was easy. The read me file gave all needed info. 2) I converted a Mac Word 2011 file with a weird font from a free fonts site, and the font (along with all formatting) converted, which was something other converters couldn't do. Problems: 1) The hyperlinks in the file were inactive in the pdf file, which was the reason I needed a converter in the first place; Word 2011 for Mac won't make a pdf with active hyperlinks if they have "display" text instead of the actual URL visible in the file. 2) The file was oriented horizontally originally, but the converted orientation appeared turned 90 degrees in the pdf (vertical format on the screen). I don't know how to flip it back to horizontal. That means that if the pdf is viewed by anyone using a phone or tablet it's going to make them crazy with it's insistence on being sideways; it is only useful for printing. So I can't use these pdfs for my purposes. As a side note, I would love to be able to control the file size; it was a large pdf.

    Posted 12/24/2013
  • christtt
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    Excellent, just the job. I was trying to print an imposition booklet file from InDesign to a PDF. Since you can no longer select PDF as a printer in mountain lion, this was not possible. A step backwards because it was a cinch in the pst. Downloaded this and it all works fine again.

    Posted 11/30/2013
  • divaworks1
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    Great, just what I needed. KINGCORN: With Finder screen open, click on Finder at top left, then Preferences, then Sidebar. You will see a list of everything that can be searched, so click the Hard Disk under Devices.

    Posted 10/16/2013
  • kingcorn
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    Mac OS X v10.8.5 on a Macbook Pro The Readme.pdf for the PDFwriter for Mac indicates that the PDF files are saved to /Users/Shared/PDFwriter and that to go to /Users/Shared/PDFwriter to "please open Finder, select your Macintosh HD and then go into Users - Shared - PDFwriter". I'm new to the Mac OS X, but for the life of me I cannot find this directory on my harddrive. After I open "FInder", there is no "Macintosh HD" to select. All I see is a list of "Favorites" (including my documents which does not include the PDF folder), a list of shared devices (printers & other computers), and my devices (external drives). And when I search for the folder, my Mac does not find one. Any help?

    Posted 10/10/2013
  • jrjjrj
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    Thank you so much for this little gem. Although the ability to print to a PDF is available by default in OSX (as some helpful individual pointed out in the comments), and we are all aware of that capability, this is nonetheless a handy feature. I need to print to a PDF about 100 times a day, and being able to press cmd-P and return (never taking my hands from the keyboard), instead of mousing around with the PDF menu, not only saves me time, but I don't have to trot over to the printer to get yet another piece of unwanted paper that I inadvertently printed :) On the rare occasion that I need a hard copy, I just print the needed page directly from the PDF. Thanks again!

    Posted 09/22/2013
  • jcdixon413
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    Just wanted to say I love your application and it works flawlessly printing PDF's remotely through an RDP Connection to a Windows Server. Would love to see you guys add the ability to modify the default location where the application writes the PDF. Also, the ability to set the file name prior to printing. Thanks.

    Posted 03/18/2013
  • jfanjoy
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    Worked as indicated. To respond to the previous comment about it being pointless junk: you speak hastily. It's hard to know what will be useful to someone in an obscure situation. This software saved my butt today; I needed to print from an outdated Windows app I was running in Parallels. The antique app uses the default printer instead of letting you select a printer in the print window, and gets that default printer from the Mac side. That makes the drop-down pdf option in the mac screen unusable, necessitating an actual "printer" for PDFs... which PDFwriter for Mac delivered nicely.

    Posted 03/08/2013
  • elliotking
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    Very easy to use pdfwriterformac

    Posted 02/16/2013
  • gabrielcarlson
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    pdfwriterformac is fast and stable

    Posted 01/22/2013
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