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The program interface is basically no graphics (there are only additional dialogue). All in Russian. Translation into other languages is not planned. Command Reference by F1. The basic idea: In order to combine pictures, just recovering form a panorama from a given point, should not eliminate perspective distortion, and to project them onto a sphere centered at the photo, and then examine the resulting image from the same point. If this place the observation point (the center of the sphere) within the 3D-model on the surface of a landscape, it becomes possible to compare the resulting panorama with 3D-model, and specify the orientation of the horizon and the major landmarks in the area, and the very point shooting. Initially, the program is designed for the analysis of lunar photographs, so taking into account the curvature of the construction of 3D-models isrolzuetsya average lunar radius 1740 km. For comfortable operation requires a powerful modern PC (2-4 CPU 2-4 GHz) with lots of memory (2-4 GB and more). Although you can work and in the worst conditions.
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