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Schemata 2015-12-17 1414 weekly downloads
Release 2015-10-11 1,1931,193 weekly downloads
Alpha 2015-10-11 4343 weekly downloads
EditSF 2013-10-12 837837 weekly downloads
Misc 2013-09-27 33 weekly downloads
MMS 2012-10-20 2020 weekly downloads
Installer 2012-04-24 22 weekly downloads
README.txt 2012-07-27 811 Bytes 11 weekly downloads
Folders Overview: Release: Contains all PFM files in a plain zip file. You can just extract it and run them. The automatic update of the PFM uses these files. EditSF: Contains the standalong ESF editor (opens replays, savegame, startpos.esf etc). Also extract and run. Installer: Contains the zipped automatic installers for the PackFileManager; it will also register .pack files with the PFM executable. This is not maintained and will not give you the most up-to-date version. Alpha: Contains code including bug fixes and features that have not yet been verified. Code is compiled as a non-optimized Debug version and may be unstable. This is intended for internal development only. Note: Both PackFileManager and EditSF require .NET 4.0 to run. They do run reasonably well with mono on Linux.
Source: README.txt, updated 2012-07-27