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OYSTER 3.2 is an incremental feature release based on the earlier 3.1 release. The most notable changes from OYSTER 3.2 to OYSTER 3.1 are: ------------------------------------------- - Run modes must explicitly be specified - 3.1 data cannot be used in OYSTER 3.2 - Ability to conduct an optional trace - Change Report generated after each run - 3 new assertions added -- Record-to-Structure -- Structure to Structure -- Structure-Split - Increased performance speed - ...and more Folder Contents ---------------- Source Code OYSTER_v3.2_src.zip OYSTER_v3.2.jar OYSTER_v3.2_Full_Distribution.zip Contains all necessary files to run OYSTER 3.2 Documentation OYSTER_v3.2_User_Guide.pdf OYSTER_v3.2_Reference_Guide.pdf OYSTER_v3.2_Demonstration_Run_User_Guide.pdf OYSTER_v3.2_XML_Creator_User_Guide.pdf Demonstration Runs OYSTER_v3.2_Demonstration_Runs.zip Oyster (folder with all demo runs) OYSTER_v3.2_Demonstration_Runs_User_Guide.pdf XML Creator GUI OYSTER_v3.2_XML_Creator_GUI.zip OYSTER_v.3.2_XML_Creator.jar OYSTER_v.3.2_XML_Creator_Reference_Guide.pdf Download All OYSTER_v3.2_Download_All.zip OYSTER_v3.2_Full_Distribution.zip OYSTER_v3.2_User_Guide.pdf OYSTER_v3.2_Reference_Guide.pdf OYSTER_v3.2_Demonstration_Runs.zip OYSTER_v3.2_Demonstration_Runs_User_Guide.pdf OYSTER_v3.2_XML_Creator.zip OYSTER_v3.2_XML_Creator_Reference_Guide.pdf RELEASE_NOTES.txt All release artifacts are accompanied by MD5 and SHA1 checksums, and a PGP signature that you can use to verify the authenticity of your download. The public key used for the PGP signature can be found at http://keyserver.pgp.com under the name ERIQ Lab.
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