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--------------------------------------- --- Version 5.10.1 build 3 --- --------------------------------------- * Updated results_to_html.xsl transform CSS styles, and to now group results by positive/negative implication of results. * Added support for additional datatype collection in the win-def:wmi57 probe, and fixed a bug that would cause errors when empty results were returned. * Fixed collection of the command_line entity in unix-def:process58_test and unix-def:process_test by removing trailing spaces. * Added a config file, the contents of which is used as the value of the schemaLocation attribute in XML instance documents. This relieves XML authors from having to remember to set it, and from errors and omissions in its value. If the file is readable, its value is used in place of the value in instance documents, if any. If the file is not readable, the attribute value in the instance document is used. * Added support for collecting the last login time of a Windows user in the win-def:user_test. * Added support for last write time in the win-def:registry_test. * Fixed a bug to properly display the Operating System name on Windows 7 systems in the system_info element of the OVAL System Characteristics file. * Added a message to the test results indicating the conversion of pre-OVAL 5.3 check='none exist' to OVAL 5.3+ format. * Added support for environmentvariable58 objects. It is fully supported only on Linux and Windows. Partial support, for the current process only, is implemented on Solaris and OSX. * Fixed a crash bug in MacOS network interface detection code, that surfaced on OSX 10.7. * Fixed bug #3558996: when object collection fails, the version on the resulting collected object will now match the failed object. * Fixed serious issues with probe for win-def:interface_object, which could cause it to create garbage items. * Fixed bug 3446470: For certain probes, if a account/sid is not found, it results in an item with status=does not exist, rather than an error. This affected accesstoken, sid, sidsid, usersid55, usersid probes. * Added support for the creation_time, dep_enabled, and primary_window_text entities in the win-def:process58_test.
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