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Installation Instructions: Save the file to your hard disk and run the Outta Timer Setup.exe executable file to install. The install was file built using Visual Studio 2010's project Publish feature. Entering a countdown timer: To input a time value to count down from, simply click on the hour, minute or second box. This will launch a dialog box allowing you to select a valid number for that field. Countdown timers can also be initiated using the list at the bottom of the screen. See help section on Timer List for more information. Count Up Button: Clicking this button will reset the timer to 00:00:00 and begin counting up until either the Stop button is pressed, or the timer reaches its maximum allowable value of 99:59:59. Start Button: Clicking this button will initiate a countdown timer based on whatever value is currently shown in the readout. Stop Button: Clicking the Stop button simply stops the timer at any point. Once stopped, clicking the Start button will reinitiate the countdown. Reset Button: The Reset button stops any currently running timer and zeroes out the readout. Timer List: This unique feature lets you program as many timers as you'd like. Simply give the timer a name (optional) and a valid time value entered in the following format: hh:mm:ss (ex. 01:20:15 would represent one hour, twenty minutes, and fifteen seconds). To launch any given timer, simply click on its row in the list and click the start button. As you click on rows you'll notice that the value in the readout changes accordingly. If the Continuous option is checked, the next timer in your list will automatically start running when the previous countdown reaches 00:00:00. A chime will sound after each completed timer in your list. Mute Audio: Checking this box disables the audible chime that plays when a timer expires.
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