Open Source Human Resource Management

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OrangeHRM is an Open Source Human Resource Management System that covers Personnel Information Management, Employee Self Service, Leave, Time & Attendance, Benefits, and Recruitment. Tags: HRM, HRMS, HRIS, HR Software


  • Administration Module
  • Personal Information Management
  • Leave Module
  • Time Module
  • Employee Self Service Module
  • Recruitment/ Applicant Tracking Module
  • Performance Module


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Awesome product, thanks for sharing!


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I needed surport, so on employee sent an email and exchanged Skype IDs. I wanted to use the system so i asked him to send me a formal proposal for the management to decide on and that ended the conversation.

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I agree with some reviews below, getting help and answers on costs from them is kinda difficult. I think they require you to become bronze member or so. Any case this is a great software. Best option might be to develop on it.

Posted 09/15/2015
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Hi, good software , actually i test all features, if any wanna share experience whit this please send me mail (dantrix2006@gm...) ,i have 4 year experiency en Human Resources Management, 3 years focus in payroll systems. ty Orange

Posted 08/27/2015
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You can send document developer orange hrm tutorial. I want developer module connect database for report, add...Can you send document email or send link download. Thanks you

Posted 07/08/2015
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I can confirm the expierence of knackersmcnealy. Open Source Version is fine for Starters, but has some severe limitations in handling more than 10 Projects, reporting Details and travel expense (no modul). I tried to get pricing Information / Quote for the professional Version several times already, but were not successful, although I explizitely specified all required modules.

Posted 04/01/2015
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I am currently up to email number 18 trying to get a price for the OrangeHRM Professional version. After answering an excessive amount of questions from them I still don't have a price? Anyone else had this problem? - Open Source version is a really good base, thinking it might be easier just to develop on top of that.

Posted 06/10/2014
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