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Where to get more information: http://www.indigresso.com/wiki How to download the latest code: 1. Install Git: A. Mac OS X: Install macports, then: $ sudo port install git B. Linux: install git from your package manager of choice C. Windows: find a git client, and download it. 2. Smart Git: This is a decent GUI is you are hopeless with the command line. otherwise, the command line version of git is actually the simplest to use. 3. Go to the directory you want to download your repository. In posix, this is: $ cd ~/your_favorite_directory 4. Clone the remote repository to this location. If you are using a full GUI, the operative word here is "clone." If you are using a Posix shell, then the command is below. If you are using a GUI client, clone the target address from the command below. $ git clone git://opentag.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/opentag/OpenTag_M2 5. Done. You have downloaded the latest code. Enjoy.
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