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OpenStopMotion-0.6.0-src.tar.bz2 2013-04-07 5.6 MB 11 weekly downloads
OpenStopMotion is a capture program for creating stopmotion video clips. It runs on Linux and FreeBSD and it can capture from all webcams supported by the kernel. In this directory, you can find the sourcecode of OpenStopMotion in two formats: *-src.tar.bz2 This file contains the plain sourcecode of OpenStopMotion and its dependency ppl7. You can find compile and installation instructions inside this file. *.src.rpm This file contains the sourcecode of OpenStopMotion and its dependency ppl7 in the format of a source rpm for linux. You can build a binary rpm for you system by calling rpmbuild --rebuild OpenStopMotion-0.6.4-1.src.rpm After that, you will find the binary package here: cd ~/rpmbuild/RPMS/`uname -m`/ There are also precomiled packages for Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora and openSUSE in the subdirectories. You can find a FreeBSD-Port in the FreeBSD subfolder.
Source: README.txt, updated 2013-04-17