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---------------------------------------------------- Title: OpenSiteSearch.README Version: 0.1 Released: May 21, 2004 Author: Brian Jorgensen SourceForgeId: bjorgensen ---------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- Background ---------------------------------------------------- The OpenSiteSearch open source community has taken responsibility for distributing and maintaining OCLC's SiteSearch software version 4.2.2 as of February, 2004. This software is released under the OCLC Research Public License 2.0. While this license is included with the installers, if you would like to view this license before downloading, please read either OCLC_Research_Public_License_2_0.txt or OCLC_Research_Public_License_2_0.htm included in this release. ---------------------------------------------------- What is OpenSiteSearch4.2.2? ---------------------------------------------------- For an overview of OpenSiteSearch4.2.2., please visit http://opensitesearch.sourceforge.net/docs/helpzone/sa/sa_04-00-05c.html ---------------------------------------------------- System Requirements ---------------------------------------------------- For the system requirements of OpenSiteSearch4.2.2, please visit http://opensitesearch.sourceforge.net/docs/helpzone/sa/sa_04-05-00c.html ---------------------------------------------------- Verifying the Integrity of the Installer - GPG ---------------------------------------------------- The OpenSiteSearch community recommends that you download the GPG signature that has been provided and use it to verify the installer's contents. GnuPrivacyGuard (GPG) is available for download from: http://www.gnupg.org/(en)/download/index.html For specific details on how to check the GPG signature, please read the GPG documentation for your OS, or check out the FAQ at http://www.gnupg.org/documentation/faqs.html#q4.19. However, on many flavours of *nix, the command: gpg --import SiteSearch.GnuPG.KEY will import the SiteSearch key onto your keyring. Then, the command gpg --verify SiteSearch4.2.2Installer.jar.asc should return a message like: Good signature from "SiteSearch (SiteSearch Open Source) <ss_support@oclc.org>" followed by warnings about the key not being certified with a trusted signature (this is expected?). ---------------------------------------------------- Verifying the Integrity of the Installer - md5sum ---------------------------------------------------- The OpenSiteSearch community recommends that you download the md5 checksum that has been provided and use it to verify the installer's contents. The command: md5sum -c SiteSearch4.2.2Installer.jar.md5 Should return a message like: SiteSearch4.2.2Installer.jar: OK Alternatively, the command: md5sum SiteSearch4.2.2Installer.jar Will return a message like: c4bd0dc44274bca9c6309002344778d1 SiteSearch4.2.2Installer.jar You must then manually compare this reponse to the contents of the file SiteSearch4.2.2Installer.jar.md5 ---------------------------------------------------- Installation Instructions ---------------------------------------------------- Once you have verified the integrity of the installer, please view the complete instructions on installing OpenSiteSearch4.2.2 at http://opensitesearch.sourceforge.net/docs/helpzone/sa/sa_15-00-00t.html ---------------------------------------------------- Bug Reports and Help Requests ---------------------------------------------------- Please send bug reports, installation and configuration questions to opensitesearch-main@lists.sourceforge.net ---------------------------------------------------- Thanks to OCLC ---------------------------------------------------- The OpenSiteSearch community would like to thank OCLC for donating the SiteSearch 4.2.2 software to the community and for their ongoing involvement in this community.
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