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openrave-0.3.1-linux-src.tar.bz2 2011-04-24 22.3 MB 11 weekly downloads
openrave-0.3.1-win32-vc90-setup.exe 2011-04-24 17.4 MB 11 weekly downloads
openrave-0.3.1-win32-vc100-setup.exe 2011-04-24 17.5 MB 11 weekly downloads

OpenRAVE Release Information

Every release comes with:

  • X-src.tar.bz2 - Source code. Windows users would need the msvc_files.tgz from Subversion to use it.
  • X-win32-vcX-setup.exe - Windows Installers compiled for VS2008 (vc90) and VS2010 (vc100).

Windows 7 x64 Users: If programs crash using the VS2010 package, please try VS2008 package.

For x.y.z releases, official releases are when y and z are both even numbers.

Files are generated and uploaded using the scripts in the release source folder. See Developer's Guide for more information.


Files in latest_stable are uploaded regularly depending if the OpenRAVE trunk passes all tests. Old files are kept for a maximum of 30 days.

Source: README.rst, updated 2013-03-18