Feng Office (formerly known as OpenGoo) is a free and open source ...

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Feng Office (formerly known as OpenGoo) is a free and open source online project management and collaboration tool, licensed under the Affero GPL 3 license.


  • Task Management
  • Document Management
  • Project Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Knowledge Management
  • Gantt Chart


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Thanks you for so usefull driver.


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It seems every "upgrade" Feng Office releases removes features from the community edition and adds them to the paid-only versions. I've been using Feng Office since it was OpenGoo 1.3 but am discontinuing its use. I've gone from being a vocal supporter to a disappointed user. The features you may use today may not be available tomorrow and no one can use a software with an uncertain and inconsistent future.

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An excellent solution that it is getting better with each new release. One complaint: more than a year since the change of name from OpenGoo to Feng Office. Please stop mentioned the old name and focus in the solution. Replace the screenshots with the old name.

Posted 03/05/2015
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Wonderful project. There's only a BUG we found on version 3.0.6, described at the forum Topic: SMTP Mail Sending, see replies 7 and 8. Support is the second problem, on forum, very poor, see feng office forum replies, you'll confirm, for example, topic: Unexpected identifier - when editing user A suggestion, please improve spreadsheets, it would be great!

Posted 02/07/2015
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I was excited to find an open source project mgmt that I could manage on my own server. However, I have been disappointed since first installed. This program is completely buggy and doesn't do anything consistently. The email system is the worst. Absolutely difficult to get running and then very inconsistently decides when it may or may not send or receive email. Have only once had a task subscriber receive their task notification email. I spend more time trying to debug this program than I do on my projects it is supposed to manage for me. I see other reviews indicating that features disappear with upgrades. Not only is that deplorable, but even if they're trying to dazzle me with the community edition to upgrade to the paid version, this is definitely not the way to do it! I've even tried using the forums to troubleshoot problems. No help. Each issue ends with a blurb that makes no sense and then is closed. I've even tried at least 50 times to become a forum subscriber and never once received the verification email. Obviously they don't want anymore negative information on the forums. They really have this open source concept all wrong. Do not waste your time trying to deal with Feng Office.

Posted 02/03/2015
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Great web-based software. We have started to use the free version in our department and it is very useful. Not as complex as other applications but with all the things you really need.

Posted 11/04/2014
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There are several aspects when looking at software like Feng Office. It may not be the best fit for you, and if you're looking to have every feature made for free, well this may not be the place. But Feng Office offers a lot for the enthusiast that can setup a server and maintain it. I run a server with Feng and have since 2011, having tried over 40 other options on the market, this one suited us the best. Here's why: - File Storage - Simple Interface - Tracking and Email alerts to multiple people - Ability to group and to tag items (much cleaner than folders) - Search (this is a harder to use feature and could use more work but we have made it work for us) - Central web-based system for teams to collaborate - Inexpensive for those that can maintain their own server/DB's - A reasonable price point for hosted services - Continued updates and improvements from time to time - Custom template creation and use I am not a frequent reviewer, but the negative comments on this program that claim that everything has to be paid for, well they are completely unfounded and untrue. There are pay-for portions (Gantt charts for instance). But we have thousands of tasks, over 25 gigs of files and thousands of emails that we use through this system and it performs quite well. We enjoy seeing PDF and JPG docs in the window without needing to download every doc, and the reminder features, priority, workspaces and tagging all make our life easier. Our wishlist would include improved search with using keywords instead of exact phrases. (Maybe implement Google search?) Ability to create better reports Ability to reorganize template fields and to use any field from tasks as part of template It's a great product and is well worth the money for hosted version to save the hassle of backups and running it on your own unless you have a dedicated person or team that is good with the techie side of things. Happy Tasking, and remember that a trusted system for storing your tasks, frees your mind to think about bigger and better things. Cheers, Marcus

Posted 08/30/2014
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