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Release Note for oneSIS version 2.0.4 oneSIS.pm: Support for ext4 partitions Disallow LINK* directives on certain files Support for GPT partition tables for partitions of 2 TiB in size or larger (contributed by Marcus Epperson <mr_ep@sourceforge.net>) Software RAID support DEPLOYMOUNT -r option for deploying raid partitions SETUP_RAID option for initramfs.conf Auto-add firmware dependencies for modules into to ramfs images. sysimage.conf: Added MATCH_DNS_HOSTS config option to do DNS lookups in addition to using /etc/hosts pxe-config: support for MATCH_DNS_HOSTS initramfs: RETRY_REBOOT setting behavior was reversed mk-sysimage: Handle single-digit runlevels in chkconfig files. contributed by Jerry Smith <jdsmit@sandia.gov> distro-patches: RHEL 6.2 distro patch (contributed by Jeff Ogden <jbogden@sandia.gov>) mk-isoimage-oneSIS: Support creation of an iso image that can be written to usb stick that boots a onesis image via a cramfs method (contributed by Chris Maestas <cashmont@sourceforge.net>) mk-isoimage-oneSIS --osimage /home/os/centos6.2-x86_64-devel-oneSIS PCI modules should be enabled in initramfs.conf mk-initramfs-oneSIS: Make --tempdir option work right (contributed by Ryan Braithwaite <braithr@gmail.com>) mk-diskful: Cleanup better after dryruns sync-node: Allow individual files to be specified instead of just directories
Source: README.txt, updated 2013-06-14