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Old School gaming tool for GMs of AD&D/OSRIC.

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A java based tool that takes load off the AD&D or OSRIC GM by being able to quickly load creatures encountered and manage the combat quickly without having to reference attack matrix, hd calculations or other charts and tables. With the press of a few buttons a GM can create an encounter and then cycle through the rounds of combat easily finding the AC the creature hit, damage done and other basic information.

Does NOT require a network connection to work and should run on just about any operating system or hardware.

Requires Java to run. You can get the latest version from here: http://java.com/en/download/index.jsp

Video giving an overview of how it works (Alpha version):
2013/01 overview: http://youtu.be/ThIVkyk2q0c
Updated: http://youtu.be/HLbtk53b-0k
Import/Export charts: http://youtu.be/dZGjAwGVF40
Initial: http://youtu.be/pGhpQ1uCznM

Change History:

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  • Creature Beastiary, easily add new creatures in the beastiary and quickly add them to an encounter.
  • Combat Tracking, select uniquely named creature in list and quickly run through combat.
  • Brief status block in Encounters, detailed status sheet at the click of a button.
  • Hitpoints managed using slider bar to easily calculate changes.
  • One click attack rolls result in AC hit using attack matrix. Specify the roll yourself or apply modifiers.
  • One click damage done. Apply modifiers if needed per attack.
  • Quickly click and determine a Save check for a creature.
  • Add effect status to creatures and track the durations.
  • Build dungeon encounters and save them ready to easily and quickly load up when the party crashes into the room.
  • Initiative, Round and Turn tracking in Encounters.
  • Treasure generation, Tables and by Type
  • Create your own tables (hit location, crit effects, etc) for Treasure, Combat or "Other".
  • Create your own charts for DM screen use.
  • Import and export options for tables, creatures and charts (OSRIC, Excel/Text, OST) to share easily.
  • d20 mode (Ascending AC and Base Attack Bonus style)
  • thaco Mode (use 2e style THACO for hit calculations)


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