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The 11th release of the NxWidgets package was made on January 30, 2014. This release depends on NuttX-6.33 or above and should not be used with older NuttX releases.

The GIT version associated with this release is: 16bf8ca76516cf87cbd3948111c068ad4b5dd51c The TAG for this release is nuttx-6.33

Post Release Patches:

  • There are no post-release patches as of this writing.

Additional new features and extended functionality in Version 1.10:

  • Primarily changes associated with the NuttX kernel build where the graphics application lies in user space and the graphics server lies in protected kernel space. This change is mostly a matter of repartitioning functionality and should not cause in any functional differences.


(There are no bugfixes recorded for this release).

Source: NxWidgets-1_11-README.mkd, updated 2014-01-30