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Novus Change Log

Novus, 2012

Greg Wilson, Austin Sherwindt, Darryn Glenn


Novus is part of the PUBLIC DOMAIN.

If you find any bugs, please send me an email with the following information:

  • What the error was. If you get a program failure prompt, please email me the Novus.exe.log file produced in the installation directory.
  • What you were doing when the error occurred
  • What version of Windows you were using. The target platforms are XP, Vista and 7.
  • The specifications of the machine you're using.


  • Finished lite version with links to vimeo vids for all lessons
  • Updated lesson titles
  • Omitted Dialog for lesson video source selection
  • Omitted PW for game reset
  • Excluded Language menu from menubar

UPDATES 0.2.4 -

  • Updated the Market Summary content

UPDATES 0.2.3 -

  • Added the language switcher functions
  • Fixed a bug in the best case HR calculation
  • Changed the team storage file storage method to not rely on tags

UPDATES 0.2.2 -

  • Changed all wxComboBox widgets (drop down menus) read only
  • Fixed a reset error in the total descretionary spending total calculation
  • Tried to prevent index errors when calling for the novus_pkg.Q_data.CombineData method by not allowing the call when the year is 7.
  • Changed the video file search algorithm to avoid having to load the win32api module. This process is now handled with a series of dialogs.

UPDATES 0.2.1 -

  • Changed the Lesson Select button layout
  • Added label text wrapping to the Lesson Select button layout
  • Added a "Game Overview" button to the How-To video list
  • Added a "Total Capital Expenditure" on the finance panel for rounds 1 and 4
  • Changed the Market Summary html files for blank decisions panels to notify users that they will not have to make a decision for that year. I haven't found an elegant solution to hide these panels, so this is a workaround.
  • When the number of production cycles are changed, the feedback below now also shows the corresponding market share.


  • Added the Market Summary Content to the game
  • Added the General Information and Instructional Videos
  • Fixed a glitch in the best case scenario for round 6
  • Added word wrapping to the lesson titles
  • Added 'Teacher Mode', which will display the actual results along side the forecast results
Source: readme.mkd, updated 2012-08-11