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This is the main setup application. It will install the neural network designer application, including a copy of the online version which can be installed to a website from within the designer (through ftp upload). A bunch of demos, modules, topics and some templates also gets installed in your documents directory (subdir called 'NND').


This zip contains some files which aren't included in the main setup application because of their size. There are 2 database files containing the english wordnet thesaurus. The database files should be copied to the installation root of the application, which is usually program filesneural network designer. They are used by the application to provide a resource reference for browsing, the data can't directly be used in a neural network. There is a 3th file in the zip (an xml file), which contains the same wordnet data, but in a format that can be imported into the application's thesaurus. This dataset can be used in projects.


This archive contains a compiled version of the website. Before uploading to your website, you will have to manually change some settings in web.config. Note that this zip file is also included in 'CBDesigner.exe'.


This is a notepad++ language definition file that provides syntax highlighting for the neural network language. The definition was created using this technique. At the bottom of this text is a good description on how to install the file on your local system.

Source: readme.md, updated 2013-02-05