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Sourcefabric announced the release of Newscoop 3.5.2 on March 15th 2011. Formerly known as Campsite, Newscoop takes Sourcefabric’s decade-long experience of making tools for news organisations and builds an open content management system for professional journalists. Download Newscoop 3.5.2 now! Newscoop 3.5.2 addresses security and stability issues with over 60 bug fixes, including improvements to the dashboard (your customisable workspace just got faster), the article edit screen (cleaner, stabler WYSIWYG editing, previewing and image handling) and the blogs, interviews and polls plugins (plus a new plugin enabling reCAPTCHA in comments). There are a few changes behind the scenes too which deal with tightening security so upgrade is strongly recommended. Newscoop comes packaged with templates too, including The Journalist, a brand-new template that builds on a classic Wordpress design and is aimed at journalists who have outgrown their blog. Clean and simple, it’s the perfect antidote to overworked commercial blogging platforms. 3.5.2 (March 15, 2011) New Features ------------ * [CS-2868] New plugin providing reCAPTCHA service Improvements ------------ * [CS-2724] Multi upload enabled to add files to the Media Archive * [CS-2880] Select root topics in the article topics list * [CS-2797] Dashboard rendering is faster now in Firefox * [CS-2758] Better rendering of widgets in the Dashboard * [CS-2867] Captcha capability extended to support plugins * [CS-2655] Installer uses and input data into existing database if empty * [CS-2633] Installer loads predefined database settings if any * [CS-2866] Daily script for tables (Requests, Sessions) cleaning * [CS-2622] Author types filter is not longer hidden by default * [CS-2837] Init script uses now date_default_timezone_set() Tasks ----- * [CS-2870] Tinymce editor updated to latest stable version Bug Fixes --------- * [CS-2921] XSS vulnerability in comments form compromises the backend * [CS-2927] Database conf file is readable by any user on the system * [CS-2752] System preferences cache is not removed during upgrade * [CS-2893] Custom swtiches are not saved when editing an article * [CS-2887] "Most popular" widget shows all articles and breaks the Dashboard * [CS-2888] Newline chars break javascript in the article edit screen * [CS-2677] Adding a new file to the Media Archive does not save description * [CS-2933] Image tinymce plugin does not show correctly images with non-latin caption * [CS-2934] Special characters in image caption throw a fatal error * [CS-2937] Attachments handler does not support blank spaces in file names * [CS-2879] Improvements and fixes for a more flexible layout * [CS-2454] GUI gets scrambled when width is below a certain value * [CS-2916] Insert images/attachments do not work when the editor is in fullscreen mode * [CS-2679] Searching does not work for Comments in the admin interface * [CS-2865] Restore password is completly unusable * [CS-2926] All links to article attachments in frontend pages produce 404 error * [CS-2361] Transparent png and gif images thumbnails/resized versions lose transparency * [CS-2836] Moving an article is possible without selecting a section * [CS-2822] Article preview fails when publication/issue/section is not selected at article creation time * [CS-2835] Un-assigned article should not have the 'move' action available * [CS-2774] Installer does not work with Chrome * [CS-2658] Paste as Plain Text inserts random html <span> tags into text when using chromium * [CS-2895] MySql port variable does not work * [CS-2759] Author biography is not displayed in the selected language but English always * [CS-2642] OpenLayers hack to the zooming bar * [CS-2834] WYSIWYG editor always loads in English language * [CS-2656] Missing translations in TinyMCE * [CS-2900] Top navigation does not work in Media Archive => Add new image * [CS-2581] Greek Html not displaying correctly in article edit * [CS-2789] Error while attaching an existing image with quotation marks * [CS-2557] Paste plain text/from Word pop-up window sometimes does not work * [CS-2860] Special chars in image description do not allow inserting into article * [CS-2811] Files in the media archive are not removed from file system but database only * [CS-2902] Pasting Word text into an article add html tags * [CS-2158] Unable to reinstall a plugin * [CS-2776] Missed files generate lintian warnings * [CS-2427] Relogin under Chrome closes its tab * [CS-2829] Status change notification email uses variable names, not actual values * [CS-2719] Article switches have no explicit user type permission * [CS-2855] Image deletion gives Error "Invalid security token!" * [CS-2754] During installation the .htaccess file should be rewritten * [CS-2844] Invalid biography content in the author management screen * [CS-2908[ Import (invalid) XML file generates a system error * [CS-2168] Missing javascript files * [CS-2935] System errors show Campsite instead of Newscoop * [CS-2676] Creating a new staff member set country by default to Andorra * [CS-2225] Localization of Calendar jQuery plugin does not work for danish language * [CS-2766] Wrong breadcrumbs in the article edit screen for pending article * [CS-2845] Non-sense text shows up on the author image box when adding a new author * [CS-2852] Some strings are missing from the localizer * [CS-2886] Bad use of mktime() generates error at installation time on RHEL * [CS-2825] Google ads shown in the Wikipedia search widget * [CS-2808] Image box in article editing shows only image numbering with no discription * [CS-2688] Page not found in root directory can cause language switch * [CS-2453] Image metadata in the image box is not aligned * [CS-2901] Unfriendly error message on media archive file upload * [CS-2418] Add New Country gives an uninformative error * [CS-2323] Not all strings from the front end user form are translated * [CS-2718] Small typo on "Change user type permissions" page * [CS-2841] Unintuitive error message displayed when the image directory is not created * [CS-2790] Breadcrumbs do not handle quotation marks properly * [CS-2772] Typo and misleading label on Import XML page * [CS-2923] Recaptcha image does not show when Newscoop is installed in a subdirectory * [CS-2932] Blogs Plugin: popup/comment form does not work since tinymce requires jQuery * [CS-2899] Blogs Plugin: A jQuery alert is displayed on loading * [CS-2894] Blogs Plugin: Content is not being escaped * [CS-2670] Polls Plugin: Attach Polls shows invalid (add/remove) icon state * [CS-2911] Add new poll dates does not work * [CS-2678] Interviews Plugin: Add new questions does not work * [CS-2823] Top level of Plugins menu does not work for blogs or interviews * [CS-2721] Subscription features should function in sample template and demo site * [CS-2849] Templates: Clean up "The Newsport" templates and database * [CS-2847] Templates: Clean up "The Journal" templates and database * [CS-2720] Templates: Un-used/non-sense articles in "The journal"
Source: README, updated 2011-03-15