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Description: ------------ Nasame is a new vision of file managers. With Nasame we would like you to access your files wherever they are and whatever is your operating system. For now, you will be able to access your local files but also files on your Google Drive, Skydrive or Ftp folder. This application aims to be simple so don't hesitate to drag and drop files from a window to another ;) You will also find a console in Nasame but there is still several challenges about it. (only select powershell if you have it for exemple). PLEASE leave us a review so we could make it better ! Disclaimer: ----------- Nasame is still in beta development, so be carefull with your files, do not make changes on your important folders. The Nasame Team cannot be responsible for any damaged or lost file. Windows version: ---------------- Simply unzip all files then launch "Nasame.exe". Linux version: -------------- We removed linux version because it seems that not everyone is able to run it depending of their system configuration. But we now provide sources ! (zip file for now, in sourceforge svn as soon as possible) Sources: -------- To compile sources you will need Qt library 4.8.1 at least and Qt Creator. For Linux, we only tried we the qt-sdk package from Ubuntu. For Windows you could get the Lib : http://releases.qt-project.org/qt4/source/qt-win-opensource-4.8.4-mingw.exe They do not provide the correct version of mingw anymore so get MinGW-gcc440_1.zip in the "sources" directory. And this version of mingw does not provide the good version of gdb either.. get it also from "sources" directory. Once Qt Creator is correctly configured you can open Nasame_Final.pro. Be sure to unckeck shadow builds for both debug and release configuration.
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