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**** README/CHANGELOG **** *** Please read always this README/CHANGELOG file ***** Because of a security vulnerability, all builds older than are NO longer supported! Please upgrade your server. HAST (Highly Available Storage) =============================== It is still experimental WebGUI. You need CLI in some tasks. To evaluate HAST, you need the two same configured NAS4Free. Currently iSCSI, CIFS, GPT/UFS and ZFS on HAST is supported. Special note for encryption =========================== Due to fixing a bug in the encryption, a pass phrase which contains special characters, such as '&', may not work as previous version. If you have a trouble, please change the phrase without special characters in old version, then re-change it to the phrase you want in new version. Special note for ZFS kernel parameter tuning ============================================ Now, the extension package is separated and released. If you have a question, please visit our forum. ZFS kernel tune (WebGUI extension) 20121031 http://forums.nas4free.org/viewtopic.php?f=71&t=1278 Extensions and ownCloud sample ============================== You can install some PHP based packages easily. If you are interested, please refer to following thread. [EXTENSION] VirtualBox + phpVirtualBox http://forums.nas4free.org/viewtopic.php?f=71&t=1609 Using ownCloud on NAS4Free + Active Directory Authentication http://forums.nas4free.org/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=1606 NAS4Free are current developing versions. And it should be used as base version for all future releases. BUILD ================= changes after - Finish graphs. - Text updates Console Menu. - Fix add torrent transmission webgui. - Upgrade xmlstarlet to 1.5.0. New feature =================== - HAST(Highly Available Storage) + iSCSI target service. (HA iSCSI target) - HAST + CIFS/SMB service. - HAST + GPT/UFS mount/umount. - HAST + ZFS import/export. - bridge and carp interface. - update PHP builtin modules for ownCloud, phpVirtualBox and more. - rewrite WebGUI with jQuery. - bundle all FreeBSD drivers. - control power mode and CPU frequency. - import single disk. (detect ZFS/UFS/NTFS only) - import SoftwareRAID disk. (except vinum) - import encrypted disk. - update mount points after importing disks. (GPT UFS/MBR UFS/GPT NTFS only) - modify ZFS pool mountpoint. - modify Access Restrictions on ZFS dataset. - support ZFS sync property. - support ZFS sparse volume. - support ZFS reservation property. (dataset only) - support VMXNET3 on VMware ESXi. - provide LiveUSB image. - reload iSCSI target. - upgrade from FreeNAS 0.7.x. - Set webgui native UTF-8. - Allow underscore (_) netbios name CIFS/SMB. - Improof status graphs. Fixed since =================== - Set default timezone. - Fix broken modifications. - Fix wrong mount check. - Remove extra space. - Fix istgt reload operation is failed. - Remount zfs dataset after modifying canmount. - Remove unused empty hosts. - Add LF to motd. - Fix missing desc and atime field of ZFS settings. - Load geom before import disks. - Remove lock before execute now of rsync client/local. - Fix using same ifield on file chooser. - Fix unknown state when creating ZFS pool. - Fix failure to detect installed device. - Fix wrong encrypted pass phrase with special characters. - Reflect owner and permission when ZFS config sync. - Fix error on empty ZFS config. - Fix gnop is not deleted at ZFS pool destruction. - Fix broken serial/model output. - Fix error on empty iSCSI target. - Fix VLAN is not configured. - Fix permission of /var/tmp/ftmp. - Fix AD password that contains a special character is not worked. - Fix Access AD does not set CIFS Authentication. - Fix IPv6 auto detection. - Fix display UTF-8 files on Diagnostics|Information|CIFS/SMB. - Fix sending UTF-8 mail without encoding. - Fix WebGUI cannot be accessed. - Fix access restriction is not changed when creating a dataset. - Fix labeled disk is showed as wrong method in vdev. - Remove unused php binary. - Fix nfs share error with ZFS dataset. - Fix multiple DNS server in setlanip. - Fix rsync client extra options is broken since r282. - Fix afpd error: Result too large. - Fix broken cron polling time jobs. - Fix broken execcmd scripts. - Fix AIO SMB2 broken file transfers. - Fix AD domain authentication. - Fix Add wol patch gbe driver. - Fix sipcalc does not support ipv6 zone index identifiers. - Fix the problem about hastd.conf. - Fix File Manager browsing /etc broken after rev 573. - Fix export subdirs for ZFS-type NFS exports failed to work. (B103) - Fix File Manager browsing /etc broken after rev 573. - Fix broken File editor. - fix password change broken rev 724. - fix reversed bits/bytes graphs. - fix SSL/TLS usage on email reports. What's New since ======================== - Improve WebGUI under PHP 5.4. - Improve Webgui design and set UTF-8. - improve UPS Informations. - Add LiveUSB mode as same as LiveCD. - Revert to old CHS. - Change geometry to CHS=x,255,63 of embedded image. - Change php to php-cgi. - v9.6 config is forever marked as a blacklist. - Load zfs.ko and opensolaris.ko from loader. - Use AES-NI in geli by default. - Use clang for istgt by default. - Rewrite gui.js with jQuery. - Add HAST + iSCSI target service. - Add HAST + CIFS/SMB service. - Add HAST + GPT/UFS mount. - Add HAST + ZFS import/export. - Add HAST service WebGUI. - Add upgrade method from old system. - Add reload iSCSI target. - Add graid geom utility. - Add kern.geom.debugflags when installing. - Add jail related files. - Add HAST daemon and files. - Add rpcinfo utility. - Add vmstat utility. - Add acpiconf/wake utility. - Add sockstat utility. - Add dmidecode utility. - Add bzip2 utility. - Add vmxnet3 kernel module. - Add all kernel modules to boot media. - Add ability to edit sync property on ZFS dataset and volume. - Add ability to edit reservation property on ZFS dataset. - Add ability to edit permission on ZFS dataset. - Add ability to edit mountpoint of ZFS pool. - Add ability to import encrypted disks. - Add ability to import software raid disks. (except vinum) - Add ability to import single disks. (detect ZFS/UFS/NTFS only) - Add ability to configure multiple iSCSI LUNs. (disk type only) - Add ability to configure multiple portal/initiator group. - Add ability to configure HAST volume as iSCSI extent. - Add ability to configure bind interface of CIFS/SMB. - Add ability to edit power mode and CPU frequency. - Add ability to edit write cache mode on iSCSI target. - Add ability to edit upload directory of webserver. - Add ability to edit password server of CIFS/SMB. - Update mount points after importing disks. (GPT UFS/MBR UFS/GPT NTFS only) - Add bridge/carp interface support. - Add ZFS sparse volume support. - Add GPT UUID to mount point. - Add a warning for changing of the disk in config. - Add force flag to ZFS pool creation. - Add random SCSI serial when creating iSCSI target. - Add auto IPv6 fot WebGUI. - Add AES-CBC at disk encryption. - Add TCP wrapper check in FTP service. - Add allow trusted domains for Active Directory in CIFS/SMB service. - Wait response of LAN interface if static with gateway. - Run umount before iSCSI initiator shutdown. - Remount all after netif is up for iSCSI device. - Clear notify after execute now of rsync client/local. - Increase the number of config backup to 6. - Confirm permission on temporary directory. - Check DNS if firmware check/required service is enabled. - Remove existing cache and notify at boot. - Change default AIO size to 4096. - Change kern.maxfilesperproc to 50000. - Change default atime of ZFS dataset is on. - Change minimum UID/GID is 1000. - Change bind WebGUI to LAN only. - Change default ZFS arc size. - Change LDAP host to URIs. - Update SSL certificate and privatekey. - Add iscsi default values to default config. - Remove unused hw.ata.to from sysctl. - Remove AIO disable at boot. - Add 60days lifetime on ZFS auto snapshot. - Add ata chipset patch. (VT6420/VT6421) - Add amdtemp patch. - Add VM timer workaround. - Add useful PHP modules. - Add php wrapper for webserver. - Add sockstat to Diagnostics|Information|Sockets. - Add missing NUT drivers. - Add firefly pacth. - Add Chinese and Hungarian to file manager. - Use SCSI inquiry for model and serial. - Upgrade istgt to 20121123. - Upgrade isboot to 0.2.6. - Upgrade to FreeBSD 9.1-RELEASE p3. - Upgrade smartmontools to 6.0. - Upgrade zoneinfo to 2013c. - Upgrade unison to 2.40.102. - Upgrade lcdproc to 0.5.6. - Upgrade lighttpd to 1.4.32. - Upgrade netatalk to 2.2.4. - Upgrade msmtp to 1.4.30. - Upgrade mDNSResponder to 333.10. - Upgrade xmlstarlet to 1.4.2. - Upgrade bash to 4.2 p45. - Upgrade inadyn-mt to 02.24.38. - Upgrade transmission to 2.77. - Upgrade e2fsprogs to 1.42.7. - Upgrade proftpd to 1.3.4c. - Upgrade msmtp to 1.4.31. - Upgrade samba to 3.6.15. - Upgrade File Manager (QuixPlorer) to 2.5.4. - Upgrade php to 5.4.16. - Upgrade smartmontools to 6.1. * The default login for NAS4Free WEBGUI username: admin password: nas4free Older notes =========== * Security note ============= http://www.freebsd.org/news/2012-compromise.html The build environment of NAS4Free uses always freebsd-update and portsnap and svn. So, you don't worry about NAS4Free, but user's extensions may install the packages via "pkg_add". Specially, if you have a jail environment, please take care yourself. If you don't know, it is recommended that you remove all jail hosts, then freshly install NAS4Free later) and reinstall jail. * Upgrading FreeNAS 7 server? ============================== This version supports upgrading from FreeNAS 0.7.2 or 0.7.5. The supported lowest config version is 8.9. ( Versions older than are not supported. Also, restoring FreeNAS config is never supported. The password in FreeNAS config is not changed. If you want, change it, use option "3) Reset WebGUI Password" of Console setup. First boot of NAS4Free after upgrading from FreeNAS, it takes special convert mode for NAS4Free config 1.0. Once it finished, you can't downgrade to FreeNAS! Don't forget create backup configuration of NAS4Free after upgrading!
Source: readme.txt, updated 2013-07-24