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Release Name: 1.12.2

Notes: Improved installer, minor bug fixes

  • [ADD] $application.appStart property is now set to true inside the application start thread.
  • [ADD] Install mode for Myna now prompts for admin password, and pre-encrypts this into the myna config at install time
  • [ADD] interactive installer: Calling war file with no options now prompts for install options
  • [CHANGE] Cached statements in Myna.Query are now limited to 100. This should prevent "Too Many Cursors" error in Oracle
  • [CHANGE] added forceReload option to FlightPath.getControllerNames
  • [FIX] fixed AD group import to not try top import null auth types

Release Name: 1.12.1

Notes: Bug Fixes

  • [FIX] LDAP auth adpater import was creating duplicate users if they did not already have a remote_id set.
  • [FIX] upgrade tables was not adding the auth_type column to existing user group table

Release Name: 1.12.0

Notes: Bug Fixes and remote auth adapter (Active Directory) improvments

  • [ADD] Myna.Ldap now automatically pages through all results of ldap queries against Active Directory
  • [ADD] MynaThread.importPreCompiled: allows importing of pre-compiled js classes
  • [ADD] Now Pre-compiling core libs into Java classes in libOO.sjs
  • [ADD] User.setLogin can now take a third parameter, remote_id. This is the unique ID of the login from the auth source. GetUserByLogin will also search this field so it is possible to find users based on remote source id, such has LDAP DN
  • [ADD] added "Re-import synced groups" button to group grid in permissions
  • [ADD] libOO can now be run in comiled mode wher pre-loaded classes are used instead of just-in-time compile
  • [ADD] Nested groups. Groups can now contain subgroups. These subgroups will be checked for rights, However this will only go one level deep. Subgroups of subgroups will not be checked.
  • [ADD] standard_objects.sjs now also uses pre-compiled classes for the standard libs
  • [ADD] when running in commandline mode, compiling is disabled and the previously compiled classes are loaded in libOO. This cuts load time in half for commandline mode.
  • [CHANGE] DataSet.js now ONLY contains clientside code, and DataSet.sjs contains both client and server side code.
  • [CHANGE] Made route logging in FlightPath async
  • [CHANGE] Moved static folder from app to root for Myna FlightPath
  • [CHANGE] Removed Flightpath processing for /static files
  • [CHANGE] Updated H2 db to 1.3.176
  • [CHANGE] Updated MynaAdministrator to match new FlightPath static rules
  • [CHANGE] When importing groups from auth adapters, user lookups will now only be performed if the user does not already exists under the a login or remote_id. This dramatically speeds group sync in the case where group memberships overlap, or the the groups has previously been imported
  • [CHANGE] now recreating the global scope on every call. This is now fast enough with pre-compiled libs
  • [CHANGE] removed auth_adapter remote group sync from login process. Replaced with scheduled task every ten minutes
  • [CHANGE] removed sealing of global scope, now that it is not shared
  • [FIX] error in Date.js in browsers that don't support destructuing assignments
  • [FIX] Disabeld Hazelcast Myna.Thread instance in server_start.sjs to avoid "myna not defeind" error messages
  • [FIX] Disabled SNI checking due to bad handing of null server names
  • [FIX] Fixed weird UTF8 error in postgress when SQL string contains NULL characters
  • [FIX] importing groups now only delete the group being imported, not all groups from that auth source

Release Name: 1.11.3


  • [FIX] error in Date.js in browsers that don't support destructuing assignments
  • [FIX] Fixed weird UTF8* error in postgress when SQL string contains NULL characters

Release Name: 1.11.2

Notes: Minor feature update

  • [ADD] Added Myna.exec for simple system calls
  • [ADD] Added String.pipe() to call Myna.exec gain using a previous result as an input
  • [ADD] Mail headers support for Myna.Mail
  • [CHANGE] Improved support for paged queries in MySql

Release Name: undefined


  • [CHANGE] Improved support for paged queries in MySql
  • [OTHER] "

----------------------------------------------------------Release Name: 1.11.1

Notes: Bug Fixes

  • [FIX] ldap group searches now only search "group_name" attribute
  • [FIX] Myna Permissions app regression where user search dialog was opened when adding a group
  • [FIX] Myna Permissions app now displays errors in ldap group searches
  • [FIX] Myna Administrator Running Threads: now shows threads with no URL

Release Name: 1.11.0

Notes: Added new Permissions manager to Myna Administrator, and enhanced Active Directory LDAP support

  • [ADD] Added New UI for Permissions management in Myna Adminstrator.
  • [ADD] Added AuthTypes section to Permissions UI for setting up LDAP auth types, and any future connectors
  • [ADD] Added ability to import a group from LDAP/AD and all of it's members
  • [ADD] Added Authtype manager to Myna.Admin
  • [ADD] FlightPath: Controller.addAction() for adding controller actions at run time
  • [ADD] LDAP Auth Adapter: added new functions syncGroups, getGroups, searchGroups
  • [ADD] Myna.Ldap.lookup(dn) for retrieving attributes for a specific DN
  • [ADD] Successfull login with an ldap adapter now automatically all imported LDAP groups the user is a member of
  • [CHANGE] Added edit config to LDAP auth adapter
  • [CHANGE] Changed default general properties to disable strict warnings
  • [CHANGE] deprecated the "map" property in LDAP auth adataper configs in favor of attributeMap. Older configs will still work
  • [FIX] FlightPath: ModelSearchList behavior now properly creates a "list" action
  • [FIX] FlightPath: action parameters that match Object prototype properties are no longer filtered
  • [FIX] ValidationResult.addError no longer throws errors if the message contains regex symbols

Release Name: 1.10.3

Notes: Minor additions and bug fixes

  • [ADD] DataManager manager.create() and bean.setFields() now take an optional second parameter "allowMassAssignable" which will allow non-mass-assignable fields to be saved.
  • [ADD] LDAP Adapter: added new functions syncGroups, getGroups, searchGroups
  • [ADD] Myna.Ldap.lookup(dn) for retrieving attributes for a specific DN
  • [CHANGE] Myna.DataManager.validatorFunctions.unique and FlightPath Model.validation.validatorFunctions.unique now only apply "uniqueness checks on non-null values. Use the "required" validator to disallow null values
  • [FIX] Bug in TreeObject.moveNode that cused MPTT ordering errors when using "beforeNode"
  • [FIX] Bug in in TreeManager whern rebuildTree would not work if the root node had a left other than "1"
  • [FIX] DataManager bean.saveField() now properly saves fileds that are not mass assignable
  • [FIX] FlightPath: action parameters that match Object prototype properties are no longer filtered
  • [FIX] ValidationResult.addError no longer throws errors if the message contains regex symbols

Release Name: 1.11

Notes: Minor updates and bug fixes

  • [ADD] DateManager manager.create() and bean.setFields() now take an optional second parameter "allowMassAssignable" which will allow non-mass-assignable fields to be saved.
  • [ADD] LDAP Adapter: added new functions syncGroups, getGroups, searchGroups
  • [ADD] Myna.Ldap.lookup(dn) for retrieving attributes for a specific DN
  • [CHANGE] Myna.DataManager.validatorFunctions.unique and FlightPath Model.validation.validatorFunctions.unique now only apply "uniqueness checks on non-null values. Use the "required" validator to disallow null values
  • [FIX] Bug in TreeObject.moveNode that cused MPTT ordering errors when using "beforeNode"
  • [FIX] Bug in in TreeManager whern rebuildTree would not work if the root node had a left other than "1"
  • [FIX] DataManager bean.saveField() now properly saves fileds that are not mass assignable
  • [FIX] FlightPath: action parameters that match Object prototype properties are no longer filtered
  • [FIX] ValidationResult.addError no longer throws errors if the message contains regex symbols

Release Name: 1.10.2


  • [ADD] DataManager manager.create() and bean.setFields() now take an optional second parameter "allowMassAssignable" which will allow non-mass-assignable fields to be saved.
  • [ADD] LDAP Adapter: added new functions syncGroups, getGroups, searchGroups
  • [ADD] Myna.Ldap.lookup(dn) for retrieving attributes for a specific DN
  • [CHANGE] Myna.DataManager.validatorFunctions.unique and FlightPath Model.validation.validatorFunctions.unique now only apply "uniqueness checks on non-null values. Use the "required" validator to disallow null values
  • [FIX] Bug in TreeObject.moveNode that cused MPTT ordering errors when using "beforeNode"
  • [FIX] Bug in in TreeManager whern rebuildTree would not work if the root node had a left other than "1"
  • [FIX] DataManager bean.saveField() now properly saves fileds that are not mass assignable
  • [FIX] FlightPath: action parameters that match Object prototype properties are no longer filtered
  • [FIX] ValidationResult.addError no longer throws errors if the message contains regex symbols

Release Name: 1.10.1


  • [CHANGE] DS names are no longer editable. This caused confusion when setting a new name caused a duplicate data source
  • [CHANGE] Database errors during data source load are no longer suppressed
  • [FIX] Editing data sources in Myna Administrator now properly warns when there are connection errors
  • [FIX] Several minor syntax warnings in String, Date and DataManager
  • [FIX] Validations no longer error when a validator is not available

Release Name: 1.10.0

Notes: Bugfixes and minor features

  • [ADD] Added more logging feedback to startup
  • [ADD] Added startup delay to cronThread to prevent memory errors during startup
  • [ADD] Added Lifecycle functions to DataManager and OrmTemplate: * afterCreate:function (bean) {}, * afterLoad:function (bean) {}, * afterRemove:function (id) {} * afterSaveField:function (bean,fieldName,newValue,oldValue) {}, * afterSetField:function (bean,fieldName,newValue,oldValue) {}, * beforeCreate:function (data) {}, * beforeLoad:function (data) {}, * beforeRemove:function (id) {}, * beforeSaveField:function (bean,fieldName,newValue,oldValue) {}, * beforeSetField:function (bean,fieldName,newValue,oldValue) {},
  • [ADD] FlightPath: Controller.addLayout and .setLayout now support a Myna.File parameter pointing to a layout file anywhere in the filesystem
  • [ADD] added support for secure and httpOnly flags to $cookie.set
  • [CHANGE] Logging changes: force logs to either be selected logger, or standard out as fallback
  • [CHANGE] upgrade_tables only inspects myna_log if log_engine == "myna_log"
  • [FIX] FlightPath bug in non-db models when validating
  • [FIX] Bug in DataManager TreeManager.remove
  • [FIX] Administrator > DBManager: fixed myna code generation to refer to "db" rather than "dm"
  • [SECURITY] ejs and sjs files will no longer be served to the browser from flightpath static folder. This only affects applications that upgrade their flightpath folders via Add/Update Flightpath App in the Myna Administrator

Release Name: 1.9.22

Notes: bugfixes

  • [ADD] Added brief documentation for DataManager lifecycle functions
  • [CHANGE] switched download location for web upgrade to SourceForge
  • [FIX] Administrator upgrade won't attempt to install non ".war" files
  • [FIX] Bug in DataManager TreeManager.remove
  • [FIX] Fixed bug in auth cookie path for FlightPath apps
  • [FIX] FlightPath bug in non-db models when validating
  • [SECURITY] ejs and sjs files will no longer be served to the browser from flightpath static folder. This only affect applications that upgrade their flightpath folders via Add/Update Flightpath App in the Myna Administrator version number update

Release Name: 1.9.21

Notes: Bugfixes and minor improvements


  • Added basic HTML-to-text translation for "Standard Output logger"
  • Added xtype debugging to admin.js HTML-to-text translation for "Standard Output logger"


  • Logging changes: force logs to either be selected logger, or standard out as fallback
  • Added more logging feedback to startup
  • upgrade_tables only inspects myna_log if log_engine == "myna_log"
  • removed experimental disk-script-cache. This was causing "Myna not defined" errors during startup
  • added a bunch of .empty files to get GIT to store the directories

Bug Fixes:

  • fixed typo in FlightPath Model.sjs
  • Administrator > DBManager: fixed myna code generation to refer to "db" rather than "dm"
  • Added startup delay to cronThread to prevent memory errors during startup
  • Flightpath: fixed bug in pathing for model global.sjs file

Release Name: 1.9.20

Notes: Security bugfix release


FlightPath * Added Controller.renderFile function to directly render a file to the browser, bypassing default render


Bug Fixes

  • Bug in Date.add() when adding MONTHs to a date after the 28th of the month
  • SECURITY: Fixed bug in FlightPath that dsiabled action filters, an therefor session checks

Release Name: 1.9.19


This version removed the beta designation and starts a new version numbering scheme:


Major version numbers will only change when significant architectural changes are made with little concern for backwards compatibility

Minor version numbers change with the addition of new features. No intentional breaks with existing functionality

Buildnum version numbers change with bug fixes and security updates


  • Upgraded Rhino to 1.7R4
  • New Administrator application
  • Profiler: added totals to averages display
  • Profiler: added end time to summary display
  • Profiler: Added experimental profile() function to attach profiling functions to objects
  • FlightPath: added Model path caching when not in debug mode
  • FlightPath, Controller: this.model is now a lazy load property.
  • FlightPath, MynaAuth behavior: rights are now cached in the session scope
  • FlightPath, Direct controller: API is cached for 1 day, when not $FP.debug
  • FlightPath: Controller and model paths are cached for 1 day, when not $FP.debug
  • FlightPath: Controller names are cached for 1 day, when not $FP.debug
  • FlightPath: model managers are now lazy-loading. Managers are only init'd if accessed
  • FlightPath, application.sjs: init() clears caches when in debug mode, or $application.version changes
  • Added SSL support to embedded Tomcat server
  • Added Permissions.getUserGroupByName
  • Added String.lpad and String.rpad functions
  • Added selectable logging engines to general settings.
  • Added Myna.Sandbox (experimental) Java sandboxing for untrusted code
  • Added Myna.Shell for interactive shell/ssh scripting
  • Added optional mass assignment protection to DataManager
  • Added Myna.Admin.user.getModel
  • Added Myna.getGlobalScope(): a function to grab the global scope of the current context
  • Added scheduled task management to Myna.Admin
  • Request Timeouts now call $application._onError, and close objects opened with $application.addOpenObject()
  • String.toHash/hashEquals now use stronger hashing algorithm: sha-256, 16 bit salt, 100K iterations. String.hashEquals is backward compatible with old hashes
  • Changing Admin password requires either current password, or temporary auth code
  • Updated Myna.ThreadPool, add documentation
  • Saving schedules now reloads the task grid
  • $res.redirect and $res.setHeader now protect against header injection and split responses


  • Removed req var dumps from Myna.formatError
  • Made MynaThread.sharedScope_ a public property
  • Date.formatInterval will now user singular terms for singular intervals, e.g. 1 second vs 1 seconds
  • removed thread limit on cron reloads
  • Added New cron system. This handles large number of tasks more efficiently
  • Moved Task and DataSource functions in Myna.Admin to Myna.Admin.ds and Myna.Admin.task respectively
  • Update FlightPath to use new Myna.Admin function names
  • Changed upgrade_tables to use Myna.Admin
  • Installer now removes /myna folder before upgrading to clean up old admin apps
  • Myna.Query no longer caches select statements.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in central login page regarding "login_page" parameter
  • Fixed bug in Permissions.UserGroup.removeRights that would cause an SQL error
  • Fixed bug in Permissions.UserGroup.removeRights caused it to not exist
  • added GC to health_check.sjs to prevent unnecessary restarts when garbage collection is slow
  • Myna.Cache now only uses a separate thread when background refreshing
  • fixed bug in ObjectLib.toArray to make it IE compatible
  • FlightPath.Controller: fixed docs for addFilter
  • FlightPath.Controller: removed undocumented auto-creation of model key in params
  • FlightPath: getModel: tables names are now converted to model names when searching for a model definition
  • Fixed case in header check for $server.serverUrl
  • Myna.Cache: appname now properly assigned as default tag
  • Myna.Cache: getByTags now works
  • FlightPath, FormatPdf Behavior: Now including "$server.serverUrl+$FP.url" as the base url for xmlToPdf
  • Fixed setting and saving related data in DataManager.get() and save()
  • fixed bug in reload_cron when looking for deleted cron jobs
  • DataManager: Fixed bug related to applying related data via manager.get(data)
  • DataManager: removed parent object creation/saving for belongsTo associations
  • $application.onError now honors canceling of default error handler
  • fixed usage bug in installer
  • Myna.Admin validation tweaks
  • Myna.Cache: fixed memory leak
  • reverted oracle schema lookup to JDBC meta data lookup to prevent infinite recursion during query errors
  • Fixed blank schema aliases in db_manager
  • Fixed mis-targeted column completion dialogs in dm_manager
  • Fixed calculation for weekly scheduled tasks
  • fixed infinite loop for hourly tasks the day after Daylight Savings switch
  • All log are now synchronous. This slows performance slightly but avoids memory leaks during high logging periods

Release Name: 1.0_beta_9


bug fixes and minor enhancements


  • added Array.getUnique
  • Added config.debug FlightPath option (set in application.sjs).
  • FlightPath: Behavior: MynaAuth: Now checks for server admin access
  • FlightPath: $FP.getParams now logs routing failures with metadata about what matched and what didn't. In debug mode, logs successful routes as well
  • added cached ORM template clearing on server startup.
  • added DataManager:ManagerObject::makeTree(). This will convert a normal ManageObject into a TreeManagerObject
  • Added Async.js to shared/js/libOO/client.sjs
  • added DataSet.toMap: treats two columns as key/value tuples and returns the equivalent JS object
  • added routing metadata to FlightPath. If debug is true, then this will log information about every attempted route. If debug is false, this will only log metadata for failed routes
  • Myna.Permissions: getLogins now takes a type filter. If provided, and array of login strings is returned instead
  • DataManager: added alias property to managers. This is model form of the tablename
  • FlightPath: MynaAuth behavior: added anyUserList for action that just require an authenticated user
  • FlightPath: MynaAuth behavior: added logging of failed authorizations when $FP.config.debug
  • FlightPath: getModel: If a model is not found, all managers are now searched.
  • Array.appendUnique now takes an accessor function
  • DataSet can now promote array-like objects to a DataSet
  • FlightPath: added defaultDs property
  • added $server.reParent (experimental)
  • FlightPath: MynaAuth Behavior: added userFunction
  • added toArray to ObjectLib and Object
  • added remove_on_expire option to run_cron.sjs remove a task after it has expired (future use)
  • added option to DataSet.toMap to map whole rows
  • modified reload_cron.sjs to to clear the timer is a named task does not exist


  • removed Hazelcast and dependent functions in Myna and $session
  • Inflector: added "content" as an "uncountable"
  • removed openid search from adduser dropdown in permissions
  • LDAP auth adapter: Made searches broader, and fixed bug in search that would suppress results that did not have an email address
  • DataManager: autocreation of parent bean when saving a bean with a a belongsTo association is now disabled if the relatedField is set to null
  • DataManager: manager.exists() now actually tries to instantiate a manager. This allows for replacing getManager with an external manager factory, such as in FlightPath
  • updated docs for Funciton.prototype.cache to warn about use in class prototypes

Bug Fixes

  • FlightPath: Controller: Direct: Falls back to Object.toJson() if JSON.stringify fails
  • FlightPath: $FP.getControllers now returns a raw array rather than a broken DataSet
  • Myna.Admin: Datasource validation: no longer validates port if location == file
  • Myna.DataManager/FlightPath.Model Automatic hasOne and hasMany associations correctly map raw table name when it does not match the convention
  • DataManager now uses the actual table name for hasOne and belongsTo relationships
  • DataManager:getLabel and genLabel now bind properly to models
  • fixed bug in client-side compatibility of Validation.toCode()
  • bug fixes for DataManager:TreeNodeObject: moveNode
  • Bug fixes for FlightPath::Controller:getElement
  • modified permissions/auth.sjs to honor a passed loginPage
  • Cosmetic changes to adduser dropdown in permissions
  • DataManager: Fixed bug where same named tables in different datasources could overwrite each other in the class cache
  • DataManager: Fixed bug where "" was not considered null in the primarykey field
  • DataManager: fixed default column names for associations
  • DataManager: added better error handing for relatedBean dereferencing errors
  • fixed bug in Database.getTable() that was causing problems with same named tables in different datasources
  • FlightPath: Models: fixed bug related to converting plural model names to singular
  • changes to centralized login to better handle proxied sites
  • added required properties checking to DataManager association definitions
  • DataManger: Added sanity checks for associatations
  • Validation: made more browser-side friendly
  • Fixed subtle bug in $req.type that caused it to report the wrong HTTP method
  • DataManager: TreeManager: create() no longer sets tree related columns when the bean exists. Should use TreeNodeObject.moveNode to manipulate tree columns

Release Name: 1.0_beta_8


This release contains a major change to $application, introduces application import/export, enhanced cluster support, performance enhancements, minor bug fixes and documentation updates

Introducing Myna FlightPath

Myna FlightPath is a Model-View-Controller(MVC) web application framework inspired by CakePHP, CFWheels and Ruby On Rails. This allows you to write your business logic as plain JavaScript functions, your displays as EJS templates, and have your data objects automatically generated from the database, nearly eliminating the need to write SQL.


Myna now has an embedded Tomcat server that can be used instead of deploying Myna inside an existing application server. Executing "java -jar myna-<version>.war" will now offer options for ugrading anexising Myna folder or installing Myna, including startup files for the embedded Tomcat server. On Linux system, the installer will create your init scripts for you and install them to /etc/init.d. When Myna is run this way, a watchdog process is spawned that periodically checks on the Mynaserver to make sure that it is running and performing well, and will restart it if it is failing.

DataManager Improvements:

  • DataManager: added manager.query
  • DataManager: added manager.createdCol
  • DataManager: added manager.modifiedCol
  • DataManager: added manager.addValidator
  • DataManager: added manager.genLabel
  • DataManager: added manager.setLabel
  • DataManager: added manager.setLabels
  • DataManager: added manager.getDefault
  • DataManager: added manager.setDefault
  • DataManager: added manager.setDefaults
  • DataManager: added manager.belongsTo
  • DataManager: added manager.hasOne
  • DataManager: added manager.hasMany
  • DataManager: added manager.validatorFunctions
  • DataManager: added manager.validatorFunctions.length
  • DataManager: added manager.validatorFunctions.list
  • DataManager: added manager.validatorFunctions.regex
  • DataManager: added manager.validatorFunctions.type
  • DataManager: added manager.validatorFunctions.unique
  • DataManager: added manager.get()
  • DataManager: added manager.getNew()
  • DataManager: added manager.save()
  • DataManager: added managerExists()
  • DataManager: added bean.deferred
  • DataManager: added bean.forceDelete
  • DataManager: added bean.getLabel
  • DataManager: added bean.remove
  • DataManager: added bean.validate
  • DataManager: added bean.isDirty
  • added where clause support to Manger.find/findBeans
  • DataManager: added logging of validation errors
  • DataManager: added explicit BLOB/CLOB detection in length validation
  • DataManager: lazy load related models
  • DataManager: added toJSON function that returns getData(). This means that someBean.toJson() will get data fro related records also
  • Added native pagination for PostgreSql, MySql, and Oracle
  • DataManager: findBeans() now natively calls query, instead of running a separate query for each bean
  • added DataManager class generation and caching. This can have a significant speed increase for optimization levels > -1
  • added getField, getFields and getType to DataManager
  • changed DataManager to use Myna.Validation for validation

Other new features:

  • Added NoCase versions of String.compareNatural and String.compareAlpha
  • Myna.File: Added "maxFiles" param to listFiles
  • Myna.File: Optimized listFiles to directly apply filter, and allow for exceptions to halt directory recursion
  • Myna.File: Added readLine(pos) function
  • Myna.File: modified readLines() to readLines(start,end) to allow efficient windowing
  • added Myna.Admin
  • Added Validation.js, generic validation object that returns a ValidationResult
  • Array: added appendUnique
  • String: added getField, getFields and getType to DataManager
  • Database: cache table instances
  • Added function Object/ObjectLb.setByPath
  • added Object.toStruct() and ObjectLib.toStruct()
  • added $O wrapper to ObjectLib.
  • added soft delete support to Myna.DataManager
  • Made DataSet browser compatible
  • Added DataSet.toStruct
  • Added DataSet.pivot
  • Added Date.parseInterval
  • $req.data params with dots("SomeVar.name=bob") will be turned into objects(SomeVar={name:"bob"}) via Object.setByPath
  • added Inflector class
  • String.after now accepts strings and RegExp objects
  • String.before now accepts strings and RegExp objects
  • Added String.startsWith
  • Added String.endsWith
  • Added String.escapeJs
  • Myna.File() now accepts multiple path parts as arguments. These will be joined to together inserting and removing "/"s as necessary
  • added request url to timeout error logs
  • added a file filter to File.copyTo
  • Upgrade postgresql driver to 9.0-801
  • Added Function.cache() for making run-once-and-cache functions
  • Objet/ObjectLib.toJson() now honors toJSON functions on objects in a manner compatible with JSON.stringify()
  • Added commons-cli.jar
  • Added MynaServer class
  • added $server.mynaCmd
  • added $req.data.argArray for raw commandline arguments
  • added raw inputStream, errorInputStream and process instance to executeShell result
  • added watchdog features to MynaServer via general.properties
  • added bootstrap.MynaServer as the main class for the war file
  • better info on the running requests screen
  • added Object.map() and filter()
  • added String.format()

Bug Fixes:

  • updated H2 drop constraint SQL
  • restored currentDir functionality to Myna.include
  • $cookie.get() is now case insensitive
  • $cookie.set() now returns the value set
  • fixed spelling error in content type for printBinary
  • Removed interval requirement for saving cron jobs in Administrator
  • Now ignoring errors generated by $res.flush()
  • Removed lock from cron runs
  • Bug fix for Myna.dump() to properly display contents of queries
  • ObjectLib::before()/after(), expandos on the function object are now preserved when converting to a chain function
  • added 2 minute delay after server startup for running cron tasks
  • fixed bugs in toFixedWidth
  • $cookie: auth cookies now set on the application url path, instead of the current subpath
  • $res.serveFile now fires $application.onError404 instead of throwing an error
  • JSServlet: normalized getOutputStream/getWriter usage
  • JSServlet: set initial contentType to text/html
  • CronThread: now finds webroot relative to general.properties instead of "."
  • removed "openid" provider type
  • Fixed bug in directory listings. Now properly honors Admin setting.
  • Modified Myna.log() to directly insert instead of using the DataManager
  • moved db properties into Myna.Database
  • added dsValidation property to Myna.Admin
  • Fixed bug in Myna.Thread that caused jetty/tomcat to lose request parameters
  • Created bootstrap.MynaInstaller for install/upgrade form war file
  • Created info.emptybrain.myna.MynaServer for running Myna from an installation directory
  • added individual cron reload
  • modified ldap adapter to properly check for filter property in config
  • increased default watchdog delay to 180 seconds to allow Tomcat to generate session key on first startup
  • added -l to unix init_script to prevent "access denied" error when running from cron
  • DataSet.sortByCol now returns a reference to "this" for chaining

Release Name: 1.0_beta_7


Includes bug fixes and the experimental commandline feature

New Features:

  • PDF Creation Myna can now generate PDF's from XML or XHTML content. See Myna.xmlToPdf
  • Myna.Swing Intended to be used with Command Line Mode, this allows scripting of the Java Swing GUI library for creating dialogs. See Myna.Swing
  • Tree Organized Tables The new DataManager function getTreeManager() allows for the manipulation of Modified Pre-order Tree Traversaal (MPTT) organized tables. This method allows for storage of hierarchical information in table in an efficient manner. See http://blogs.sitepoint.com/hierarchical-data-database-2/ for an overview of MPTT
  • Other Changes:

Other Changes: Added Myna.Table.getSqlColumnName() Added $application.clear() Added $application.reload() Added Added beanClass property to DataManager manger objects Added manager caching to DataManager Optimized bean.setFields to issue a single update statement Now loading Hazelcast in background Thread Added Myna.Swing Library Added $res.setExitCode for setting exit code from commandLine. Special exit code of -1 will cause Myna to run in background for GUI apps Modified MynaThread to not cache shared scope when in -1 optimization level Added bespin editor to db_manager Added maxRows and offsetRows templates to db properties files Added Object.prototype.createProxy() Object/ObjectLib.hideProperty now using ES5 syntax Added improved logging for authentication failures Added improved logging for ldap authentication failures Fixed authentication bug that caused JSON symbols in request parameters to terminate argument processing fixed bug causing 404's to not actually return a 404 error code removed REST param processing for threads Directory listings are now only shown if the application does not handle the request Several improvements to Myna.profiler: getAveragesArray(), getAveragesHtml(), getAveragesText() Completed improved scheduling HttpConnection now allows circular redirects Added Date.monthsBetween() Changes/fixes to scheduling Added Myna.threadSafeSet() Removed console.debug from Administrator Added Table.hasIndex Added Array.contains() Added $res.setExitCode for setting exit code from commandLine. Special exit code of -1 will cause Myna to run in background for GUI apps Cron bugfixes Doc updates Added Date.diff Added Myna.executeWinBatch Added Array.first() and Array.last() Removed background memory management form Myna.Cache to improve performance HttpConnection.connect() now returns a reference to itself, to allow chaining Added commons.net and jsch libraries Added Myna.xmlToPdf function via Flying Saucer Added Myna.htmlToXhtml to clean up bad HTML Added ext 3.3.1 to /myna/, updated Myna apps to match Added String.toXmlDoc() for creating an org.w3c.dom.Document from an XML string Removed abort error message from permission redirects added slate theme for admin apps added icons to permissions added TreeManagerObject to DataManager for manipulating mptt tables updated E4X docs on looping added XML detection to Array.parse Myna.Query: removed generated key detection since it caused intermittent insert/update failure in Oracle Administrator, Scheduled Tasks: Fixed bug in weekday display Added custom SocketFactory so that LDAP and HTTPS connections can be made to servers with untrusted (self-signed) SSL certificates added better loggging for authentication failures changed auth adapter caching to $req scope fixed bug in chainFunction that caused recursive calls in to the chain to poison the chain stack Updated Ext.Direct tree example to use DataManager.getTreeManager to demo mptt-organized tables Myna.WebService: Service function are now mapped directly on the service object, where there is not a name conflict Myna.JavaUtils.beanToObject now handles get_ and set_ functions H2 datasources now use AUTO_SERVER=TRUE for lock management Many updates to TreeManager behavior in DataManager Examples are now enabled via application.sjs rather than forcing a login Modified JSServlet to return a binary stream. Modified db_manager to return JSON as application/json Added native JSON parsing to db_manager Fixed pager toolbar updates in the administrator Added native JSON parsing to String.parseJson(), when available Added better searching to myna auth adapter WebService: added "action" param to Ext.Direct API DataManager: fixed case sensitivity bug in find() DataManager: fixed TreeManager bugs DataManager: default genKey function now uses UUIDs for text primary keys $cookie: clear() now now has a deleteParentPaths param $application: fixed bug in rights import Myna.Query: now using column labels instead of column names in results to properly detect column aliases Fixed bug in db_manager foreign key detection Modified URL processing to allow application.sjs to override urls that end in / DataManager: added logQueries property DataManager: fixed bg in find() case sensitivity Added DataSet.js, a client-side compatible version of DataSet * Added Query.log property

Release Name: 1.0_beta_6-1


Includes bug fixes and the experimental commandline feature

New Feature: Commandline Mode

The Myna commandline invoker consists of an executable BASH script file for UNIX ("myna") or a command file for Windows ("myna.cmd"). This file is (re)created in MynaPath /WEB-INF/myna/commandline every time the Myna server is launched. If
the Myna installation is later moved, it will need to be launched at least once to re-create the invoker file.

See the docs for more info.

Other Changes:

  • Updated h2 DB engine to 1.2.142
  • Added Myna.dumpText to create an ASCII tree instead of HTML
  • Fixed formating bug in EJS eval blocks
  • fixed infinite loop bug when listing the webroot
  • "_index" as the last item in a URL will causes a file listing to be displayed even if there is a valid index file.
  • added "null" date of 01/01/1900 as lastMofidied for files that do not have a lastModified time

Release Name: 1.0_beta_6


This release contains a major change to $application, introduces application import/export, enhanced cluster support, performance enhancements, minor bug fixes and documentation updates


  • Reworked application definitions

To support exporting and importing Myna applications, several changes were made to $application to include application metadata and to improve workflow. Specifically:

  • Format

    Instead of raw JavaScript code, application.sjs files should now be an anonymous application config object. The properties of this object will be copied to $application. A template for this object with comments is available in the API docs under "Application Template"

  • init() function

    This new application config property defines a function that is executed after applying the config to $application, but before nested configs are applied. This is analogous to the way classic application.sjs files worked.

  • Application Request Workflow

    Setting workflow functions on the application config object (onRequestStart,onError,etc) will now create a function chain with any previously defined application configs automatically. See $application in the API docs for more detail on the order of nested application workflow function execution.

  • Application Metadata

    The application config now includes metadata such as displayName, author, minMynaVersion, etc. All app properties can be accessed via Myna.loadAppProperties(path) and are used by Myna's new import/export feature

  • Backwards compatibility

    Although the old style of application.sjs files is now deprecated, Myna will automatically detect this style of config an processes it in the old manner. This means that this change should have no effect on current applications.

  • Application import/export/install

    A new section has been added to the Myna Administrator: "Manage Applications". This section provides the following app related functions:

    • Import

    Importing an application makes the Myna Administrator aware that a particular directory represents an application. All application properties are set in that directory's application.sjs file

    • Export

    Exporting an application creates a Myna Egg from the application definition. Myna Eggs are ZIP archives of an application directory. After exporting the .egg file, a checksum is created that can be used to verify that the Egg has not been modified. Ideally the checksum would be obtained from a known reliable source, such as the app author's website, and then the Egg could be mirrored anywhere. Eventually I would like to provide an app registry on mynajs.org for listing applications and checksums.

    • Install Egg

      Installing an Egg involves unpacking the Egg file and registering the application with Myna. You can optionally verify the Egg with a checksum

  • Improved CommonJS support

Using Rhino's native "require" support and the Narwhal CommonJS library, Myna now has native support for CommonJS. This means that you can place CommonJS libraries in any of the locations defined in Myna's General Settings and include them via require(). This also provides a mechanism for loading libraries distributed in other applications, like so:

    var lib=require("path/to/app/libname")
  • Improved REST support

Myna now handles all requests, not just .ejs.sjs and .ws files. Myna now also automatically loads an index.ejs or index.sjs if available, or displays a directory listing (turn this off in General Settings). Where REST applies is that you can now processes arbitrary URL's that do not have to match the actual filesystem without using URL-MAP. Simply process the $server.requestDir and $server.requestScriptName in your application's onRequestStart function. This is also useful for creating dynamic objects that look to the browser like static objects. For example /myapp/charts/1123445.png could be processed like so:

    //in myapp/application.sjs
          if ($server.requestDir.listLast("/") == "charts"){
             var chart_id = 
             // Generate chart from database with something 
             // like JCharts. 
             // Let Myna know that this request has been handled
             // so a 404 error is not triggered
  • New Cluster features: Map and Queue

  • Myna.Cluster.Map

    A cluster-wide Java Map object that can be narrowed by instance or purpose. This allows multiple myna instances to have a shared, thread-safe key-value store.

  • Myna.Cluster.Queue

    Provides a way to create cluster-wide work queue where no item can be handled twice. This is useful for distributing tasks across all machines in the cluster. Future enhancements may include a ClusterThread class, similar to Myna.Thread that is automatically distributed across the Myna cluster

  • New start page and document home This version includes a new start page that points to a new document home. This page contains links to the administrator and and API docs, and includes a "Getting Started" tutorial for working with Myna Other Features

  • Added Function.prototype.bind
  • Added ID property to fired Events
  • Added String.before and String.after functions
  • updated to Rhino 1.7R3pre from CVS
  • updated narwhal
  • Added json-sans-eval (json-minified.js) to /shared/js.
  • Added functions byteArrayToBase64 and base64ToByteArray functions to JavaUtils
  • Added functions byteArrayToHex and HexToByteArray functions to JavaUtils
  • Added functions getChecksum and isValidChecksum to Myna.File
  • Added function Myna.loadAppProperties() to get application properties by path
  • Added Myna.printConsole() function
  • Added function toJava to String
  • Added "urlSafe" parameter to JavaUtils.byteArrayToBase64
  • Added "urlSafe" parameter to String.toHash
  • Added Function.createChainFunction()
  • Added Function.before()
  • Added Function.after()
  • Added String.prototype.getLineIterator();
  • Modified Myna.Thread to add deleteOnJoin property
  • Added BalusC's FileServlet
  • Added MynaThread.requestHandled property. This is similar to $req.threadHandled, but it disables post-processing by JSServlet. This is set automatically by $res.serveFile
  • Added $res.serveFile
  • Added default hazelcast.xml file
  • Added automatic unicast configuration for hazelcast
  • Made Event function thread-safe
  • Added Event.getListeners and Event.removeListeners
  • Added $server.ipAddresses property
  • Added "cluster_members" table to upgrade_tables.sjs
  • Added Myna.sync as a convenience function for Myna.JavaUtils.createSyncFunction
  • Added Myna.Cluster
  • Modified cluster startup to skip first stage
  • Added String.trimIndent()
  • Updated MynaEjsParser to call trimIndent().trim() on EJS blocks
  • Added $server.properties: a shortcut to Myna.getGeneralProperties()
  • Added Array.prototype.compact() - removes "undefined" elements
  • Modified $req.getHeaders() to parse headers as dates, if possible, and to accept lowercase key names
  • Modified Myna.Query to immediately close the resultset after handling all rows
  • Myna.Thread: now waiting for thread to exit on joins instead of when the script finishes
  • Myna.Thread: now compacting the thread arrays after deletes to save a bit of memory and make them easier to work with
  • Modified EJSParser to use a string array buffer for generated content instead of the thread buffer. This provides better thread safety
  • Cosmetic changes to Myna Admin
  • Added String.toFixedWidth
  • Added Profiler.getSummaryText
  • Added profiling to DataManager in getById and Find
  • Added more profiling for queries

Bug fixes

  • Modified DataManager.find/findBeans to better handle non-string criteria
  • Modified Object(lib).before/after to be consistent with Function.before/after
  • Modified Myna.ThreadGroup to have join() only join the the threads in the group instead of all threads
  • Bug: added range checks for String.before and String.after
  • WebService: Not defining any functions no longer causes an error

Release Name: 1.0_beta_5


This release contains some new features, performance enhancements, minor bug fixes and documentation updates

New Features

  • Added symlink support. Now myna pages inside symlinked sub directories will appear to be in the myna directory instead of the actual directory where the file resides. This should allow application.sjs nesting to work properly
  • Added extra parameters to Myna.Thread.joinAll(): timeout, throwOnTimeout, and killOnTimeout
  • Added Myna.ThreadGroup: a class for grouping multiple threads together with the same options
  • $cookie.getAuthUserId() will now return the same value in a subThread as in the parent thread
  • Cookies and request data in subThreads now match the parentThread
  • Added property to WEB-INF/general.properties: webroot. When this property is set to an absolute MynaPath, then this directory will be used instead of attempting to calculate the root directory
  • Modified several file tests to interpret security exceptions as "not exists". This makes Myna more friendly to security managers
  • Updated H2 jar (1.2.131)
  • Added "json-sans-eval" by Mike Samuel as the default JSON parser. This parser offers a speed increase and the ability to parse dates. This parser also does not use eval() so it is impossible to execute JS code in JSON
  • Added Hazelcast distributed messaging system. Currently cluster membership is based on the myna_permissions connection details. Only instances with the same url and password for myna_permissions will cluster
  • Added new property $server.dataSources which is a JS structure of DataSource details
  • Made some cosmetic changes to the Myna Administrator to make it more clear which server you are looking at when you have multiple servers
  • Added event system to Myna via Myna.Event. This allows distributed events across the Myna cluster

Bug Fixes

  • fixed bug where Database.isCaseSensitive was blowing up for in-memory databases
  • fixed bug in case-sensitive db code that caused all datasources to be sensitive by default
  • Fixed bug with webroot property that could cause errors accessing files
  • Fixed bug in $cookie.getAuthUserID that could cause timeouts on every page
  • Modified new password dialog to use a Myna include instead of includeTemplate
  • Fixed bug in Table.modifyColumn related to isCaseSensitive. This was causing the "black page" problem in beta4
  • Added fix for bug that caused logins to fail when the token contains url encoded characters
  • Modified DataManager.manager.find to detect numeric search criteria
  • Various Myna.Thread tweaks
  • Fixes for PostgreSQL schema support
  • Changed default lock type to "SERIALIZED"

Release Name: 1.0_beta_4


This release contains some new features, performance enhancements, minor bug fixes and documentation updates

New Features

  • Added a sub-template pre-processor to XTemplate.

entering a path inside hard brackets "[]" in an extemplate will internally call Myna.includeTemplate() with that path and the currently scoped values. The text generated from the template will be inserted at that location. This makes it possible to include Templates from inside other Templates.

  • Added new data source property: "Use case-sensitive names?"

This is "false" by default. Setting this to true will cause all references to database table names and columns to match exactly how the entity is defined in the database instead of being forced to lowercase.

  • Added "mynaThread" property to Myna.Thread

This property references the subThread's MynaThread instance. Setting this to null will prevent access to the subThread but will also allow the subThread's memory to be released when the thread finishes * added Myna.Thread.releaseOnJoin property

 Default "false". When set to "true" all subThread's are released after a
 call to join()
  • Added Myna.Thread.captureOutput property Default "true". When set to false, no output will be captured from subThreads. Combining this with Myna.Thread.releaseOnJoin results in maximum memory efficiency for "fire and forget" subThreads

Other Changes

  • modified Myna.Permissions.User.qryRights() to provide more useful columns
  • Fixed bug in permissions application regarding user group rights
  • Fixed but in WebService constructor when passing a file path
  • Fixed bug in Myna.Permissions.UserGroup.addRights regarding key generation
  • moved ext from the /shared/js/ext_latest folder to /myna/ext. It is recommended that users install their own copy of Ext and not refer to the version distributed with Myna
  • Modified Myna.includeTemplate to use an XTemplate internally and fixed the documentation
  • Modified global Java error handler to print stack traces as usual when instance purpose is "DEV". Any other instance purpose will generate "An error has occurred. See administrator log for details."
  • Modified File.listFiles to now return directories as well as files.
  • Modified File.listFiles to accept either filter definition or the string extension list as the first parameter
  • updated docs to include examples for File.listFiles
  • added db_property "columnQuoteChar" which is the backtick for MySQL and the double quote for the others. This can be used anytime you need to escape and column or table name
  • Fixed bug in Date.formatInterval where milliseconds were not being rounded to a whole number
  • Fixed bug in DataManager.manager.findBeans that caused an error for numeric keys
  • Fixed several DB bugs related to the new columnQuoteChar property
  • Added per request DB metadata caching. This should speed up DataManager operations
  • Added newline (\n) to Myna.println to make the source more readable.
  • Converted all references to HashTable in MynaThread to ConcurrentHashMap. This should allow better performance under heavy load
  • Converted all concurrency classes in MynaThread to Java 5 classes. This should provide slightly better performance and better reliability since the oswego.edu classes are now deprecated
  • The $server.currentDir property is now set correctly inside of application.sjs files. Previously any Myna.File operations in these files where executed against the /shared/js/libOO directory. These are now executed against the directory in which the application.sjs file resides. Also note that $application.on<event> functions will execute against $application.directory, which may not be the same directory in which the function was defined, if the event function has been chained via Object.after()

Release Name: 1.0_beta_3

Notes: This release contains a major security fix, minor feature enhancements, minor bug fixes and documentation updates

Security Fix

  • Fixed authorization error in db_manager that allowed un-privileged access

New Features

  • Added Myna.Permissions.User.hasAnyRight: This tests if the user has any in a list of rights. Good for deciding whether to allow a user to log in
  • Added String.listQualify: adds a symbol to the beginning and end of each list item. Good for escaping text lists for use in SQL
  • Added $res.redirectWithToken: redirects user to a URL, including an auth_token of the current user. Used to enable auto-login to other Myna applications
  • Added Object.copy: shallow and deep object copying
  • Added Permissions.getAppValues: returns display name and description for an app, or null if app does not exist
  • Added support for Google's openid ns.ax properties. Google only supplies email and language currently, but Myna asks for all the reg properties in case they change their mind.

Other changes in this release

  • Fixed several bugs with Permissions.addApp
  • Removed some stack traces from printing to prevent information leaks. stack traces still available in logs
  • Updated $server.resolveUrl to handle absolute URL's intelligently
  • Fixed delimiter bug in listMakeUniqueNoCase
  • Added deferExec bug fixes
  • Sync error logging for WebServices
  • Added error logging for printExtApi(ext-api)
  • Fixed bug in ext api for functions with no parameters
  • Fixed bug in ext api documentation for AJAX callbacks
  • Better error handling for web service objects

Release Name: 1.0_beta_2

Notes: This release contains bug fixes and minor enhancments

Changes in his release

  • Added function Myna.Permissions.getRightByName
  • Modified Myna.Permissions.addRight to modify an existing right if found rather than create duplicate right
  • Modified Myna.Permissions.addUserGroup to modify an existing group if found rather than create duplicate group
  • added function Myna.Permissions.addApp
  • added function WebService.getAuthUser
  • allowed any user with "myna_admin/full_admin_access" right to have full access to the permissions application
  • Added the ability to add users through adapter searches to the permissions application
  • added index for event_ts to myna_log_general table
  • made "today" the default criteria for "start date" when viewing the general log
  • modified the "after log id" search to use the timestamp rather than lexicographical comparison of the log_id because UUID's have no guaranteed order
  • fixed bug in login page that cause the page to fail under tomcat

Release Name: 1.0_beta_1


This marks the first release of the 1.0 beta cycle. This should be the last release to make changes to Myna's API's that could result in existing code breaking. Future releases in the Beta cycle will focus on bug fixes, performance improvements, documentation and optional features.

Changes in this release:

  • DataManager: This is a re-write of the DataManager extension system to address a design flaw that resulted in extensions altering the behavior of the global DataManager object. Any code that used the "subClasses", "ManagerBase" or "BeanBase" objects will need to be re-factored to work with this release. The most likely consequence is in the genKey function used to generate unique primary key values. Here is an example of the old way and the new way:
    var dm = new Datamanager(ds);
    //Old way
        return new Myna.Query({
            sql:"select main_sequence.nextval from dual"
    //New way
        return new Myna.Query({
            sql:"select main_sequence.nextval from dual"

Essentially, prototype inheritance has been replaced with DataManager.managerTemplate and DataManager.beanTemplate. The "subClasses" structure has been dropped altogether.

Other DataManager Changes:

  • ManagerObject.create() will now check for an existing row if the primary key is provided and perform an update instead of an insert if the row already exists. This means that code that depends on a key violation to prevent duplications or overwrites needs to be re-factored to explicitly check for existence via ManagerObject.find()

  • Improved documentation. The API documentation has been updated to reflect these changes, and more detail is provided on how to take adavantage of DataManager's extension system.

  • Added Myna.KeyStore. This is a front-end to Google KeyCzar project and provides a rotatating keyset for encrypting/decrypting or signing/verifying string or binary data using either symmetric or asymmetric (public and private) keys. It is possible to export/import public keys so that two or more Myna servers can securely communicate.

Release Name: 1.0_alpha_17-3


Bug-fix release


  • fixed bugs in DataSet and File.listFiles
  • fixed bug that prevented parsing of multipart/form-data requests
  • performance enhancement to String.toXml()
  • added Myna.xmlToObject() and Myna.dump() support for XML objects
  • Fixed defect 1 http://code.google.com/p/myna/issues/detail?id=1
  • fixed bug with "decimal digits" in Table.create()
  • modified Table to allow deferred database updates
  • Changed how Table.modifyColumn works
  • fixed bug in permissions app that prevented login

Release Name: 1.0_alpha_17


New features include OpenID Login support and a centralized login page

New in this release:

  • Centralized Login page with OpenID support

Applications can redirect a user to the central login application at /myna/auth/auth.sjs?fuseaction=login by calling $res.redirectLogin(). Here is an example from the applciation.sjs file in /examples:

      if (!$cookie.getAuthUserId() || 
          title:"Myna Administrator Login",
          message:"You must Myna Administrator access to view examples."

This code checks on every request for a valid authentication cookie and if available, the current user's access to the Myna Administrator. If either test fails then the user is redirected to the centralized authentication application. After authentication the user is sent back to the page they were originally requesting. If the auth tests pass this time, the request is processed as normal. By default, the login page authenticates via "openid" +
Myna.Permissions.getAuthTypes(). If you are not familiar with OpenID, it is an open standard for allowing a web applications to authenticate users against third-party providers. All a user needs is their OpenID URL. Myna makes this even easier by generating OpenID URLs for popular providers such as Google, Yahoo, and AOL. Once a user authenticates with their provider, Myna automatically creates a local user with the supplied OpenID URL as one of the logins. If the user's OpenID provider supports registration, then information about the user such as name, nickname, date of birth, etc is stored as well and is available in the user object.

 The centralized authentication can easily be customized to show only 
 certain auth_types, or to use your own login page.

 The username/password auth types implement a progressive timeout. 
 Each failed attempt incurs an extra 5 seconds of sleep time, e.g. 
 first failure=5 seconds, second failure=10 seconds, etc. This makes 
 brute-force password attacks impractical. Furthermore, authentication 
 is  forced single-threaded via an exclusive memory lock so that this 
 timeout can not be bypassed by executing many concurrent requests.
  • Fixed orphaned libraries

Created 'version_list.properties in WEB-INF/classes to store the list of jars provided with Myna and their versions. Also renamed all existing jars to their generic names, not including version information. This will prevent old version of jars from lingering after upgrades. Myna 1.0 Alpha17 should be installed fresh to remove old libraries. Future versions should not have the orphaned library problem.

  • Myna datasources are now also Java DataSource objects

Internally, Myna now stores datasources as Java DataSource objects. Myna.Query, Myna.DataManager, and Myna.Database can now accept a Java DataSource instance as well as a Myna datasource name. this means that you can use these utilities with Java datasources accessed through JNDI or even DS's created at runtime. This functionality is used in Myna.DataSet to allow DataSets to be queried as if they were a database with a table called "data"

  • Myna.Thread Changes

Another major update to thread handling. There has been a problem with sub-threads randomly linking to the parent thread and then writing to the wrong thread buffer and/or losing global objects. Myna.Thread now calls toSource() on the supplied function and only transmits the source code to the subthread.

The "thread cannot call itself" restriction has been removed, but the 
maximum thread chain depth is still 5 levels to prevent infinite 
thread recursion

Also added Myna.Thread.getThreadArray(), a static function that returns an array of the threa

Source: README.md, updated 2015-03-14

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