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Change history of msndfile

This document records the changes made in each release of msndfile, and in all release candidates. For the full list of changes, see the git log.

Version 1.1 (2013.11.30)

I decided to throw in another release before working on write support. It only brings one new feature: the "transpose" option to msndfile.blockread; the rest consists mostly of "infrastructural" changes.

The most invasive change (code-wise) is the migration to C99, which allows various simplifications to the code; note also the addition of the "restrict" keyword. Note that since you can use other compilers with Visual Studio (e.g., the Intel compiler, or MinGW), I did not remove support for VS from the build system. However, due to lack of C99 support in the Visual Compiler, msndfile will no longer compile with it.

Another large change is the rewrite of the test suite. The way it is structured now, missing FLAC support will not mask any other errors and vice versa.

Changes since 1.0:

  • infrastructural changes to the source code:
    • the AUDIO_FILES data structure used in msndfile.blockread has been reimplemented as a linked list.
    • port the code base to C99 (which further simplifies it)
    • simplify various bits of code
  • compile_msndfile.m is now a function
  • fix some bugs in the test suite
  • restructure the test suite, which basically did the following:
    • split FLAC tests from the WAV tests
    • add some tests that it turned out were missing
    • remove redundant tests
  • various stylistic changes to the build system
  • various improvements and updates to the manual
  • various bug fixes
  • miscellaneous other changes

Version 1.0 (2012.11.30)

This is the first release of msndfile. It supports all functionality of wavread, and an almost feature complete function for block-wise reading.

Changes since 1.0RC3:

  • completely re-structure the documentation
    • The README was split up and moved to the doc/ subdirectory, along with the INSTALL file. The result (after various edits) are a proper AsciiDoc based website and PDF manual.
    • A much smaller README file is now written in markdown (for Github).
  • a small fix to the blockread help text
  • various small changes and bug fixes
  • various fixes and improvements to the test suite
  • various improvements to the build system, including a new AsciiDoc tool (written by me)

Version 1.0RC3 (2012.10.30)

Changes since 1.0RC2:

  • msndfile.blockread() now supports the commands "seek" and "tell".
  • return an empty matrix when no samples can be read
  • support multi-byte file names
  • make errors and warnings more consistent
  • all errors and warnings now have an ID component
  • lots of small bug fixes (often in error handling paths that have yet to be reached, e.g, due to malloc() errors).

Version 1.0RC2 (2012.04.17)

Changes since 1.0RC1:

  • msndfile.read:
    • auto-add file type extension for "simple formats" and RAW
    • add support for retrieving Broadcast WAV bext chunk
  • compilation fixes and improvements:
    • pass -largeArrayDims to mex in compile_msndfile.m
    • add checks for stdint.h to both build systems
    • various small fixes and improvements to the build system (both SCons and compile_msndfile.m)
  • extend test coverage
  • convert test suite to use MTest
  • add Valgrind debugging scripts and fix some bugs found with them
  • add m-File for starting a debugging session
  • move audio files to their own subdir.
  • fix support for visual studio

Version 1.0RC1 (2012.03.23)

The first release candidate, no changes to report here.

Source: README.md, updated 2014-01-22