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MSAPy is a wxPython port of the Modular Spectrum Analyzer program, originally written in Basic, for controlling the MSA hardware.

See the MSA discussion group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/spectrumanalyzer

Download Files

msapy-0.x.x.zip: Contains the Python program and USB FX2 interface source. The included INSTALL.txt gives the requiremments for each platform.

MSAPy-0.x.x-win-setup.exe: A Windows installer with a self-contained version of the program. This includes Python 2.6 and the wxPython and numpy libraries.

Note: 0.2.2-0.2.4 may have a graph-redraw problem in Windows.

MSAPy-0.x.x-OSX.zip: A Mac OSX self-contained version of the program, compressed. It includes Python 2.5, the wxPython, numpy, and pyusb libraries, the USB FX2 interface code, and the cycfx2prog USB downloader.


MSAPy currently only supports one hardware configuration: VNA with relay GHz band selection on port 4 bits 0 and 1. Until this is fixed, different configurations may be patched in the msapy.py source (in _SetFreqBand). Subsets of this configuration are of course supported, such as SA or no relays.

For Linux this could use being put in a package for each distribution, such as an RPM. I've experimented with this but not had much luck. Help here would be greatly appreciated.

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