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Free tool to join multiple MP4 files into one.

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  • cejay007
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    Does exactly as stated, important to make sure you decline the adware, select the "SKIP" button not the "ACCEPT", after that install ran fine. Using ver 2.1.2 Accepts drag and drop and also joins the MOV files from my Canon DSLR, all files must have the same properties ie created by the same app with the same formats. Other than that it is perfect, quick and simple to use... Does not make coffer, nor will it vacuum the carpets but it is good at what it professes. Thank you Alex :)

    Posted 09/08/2014
  • braaap
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    After trying VideoDub and My MP4Box GUI, both programs had the problem of a delay being introduced into H.264 MP4's I was trying to join. Was getting frustrated and decided to give this a try. It works GREAT. I've tested about a dozen MP4's it joined and they are exactly as the original pieces (but now one file). It appears to do a direct stream copy, as it can work through about 4 hours of video in about 5 minutes. Plus, the file size on a 4Gb join ends up within hundreds of bytes of the combination of the source video MP4's. I'm sold -- great job -- this is my preferred MP4 video joiner (and only one I could find that works without spending about 50). Fortunately I listened to the two positive reviews above lele and dookus. Yes, it gives you options to load other stuff but you just need to READ the install dialogs as they are presented (which are just a sentence or two) and choose to install or not install. When you get to the one that is accept or decline, if you don't want the adware then just say "Decline" and it will still install the MP4 Joiner. I wasn't sure if "Decline" still would install the MP4 Joiner, but it does. Sad this gets a bad rap from a few reviews -- best MP4 joiner I found. THANKS TO THE DEVELOPER!

    Posted 01/08/2014
  • leledumbo
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    You have problems with auto installed apps? Build from source you moron! This app is GREAT, does what it says in very efficient way and is blazing FAST!

    Posted 11/22/2013
  • dookus
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    OMG .. all the doofuses who click through when installing downloads such as those found on Sourceforge them come back and complain about the program installing whatever that they did not ask for ... you were asked, you just clicked through, many sites like this one bundle crap that will install whatever they can make money from, stop randomly clicking through fools!! This program worked and joined high def mp4 where Movie maker was causing a problem, awesome freeware!

    Posted 11/04/2013
  • guy-chemla
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    What a wonderful world would it be should all the program be like this one! Why? It's the simplest implementation of exactly what it's meant to do BUT, without even even asking for your authorization it will install other apps which you'll have to uninstall. This is really ugly behavior

    Posted 10/23/2013
  • plebbus
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    Just exactly what it says on the tin. Quick and easy to use, good result.

    Posted 07/26/2013
  • thedarkness667
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    Mp4Joiner 2 - this was an excellent quick fix for joining mp4 files for me, easy to install, no ads, no errors and my videos looped mp4s seamlessly on playback. It was for creating a custom dvd background, so my mp4s contain no audio and I havent tested the program with mp4s that do. I had no luck with yamb on vista and 7 (similar intel hardware, laptop). Yamb with mp4box included wouldnt join or save as mp4 for me, it just kept saving as 3gp even when I selected mp4, so I gave up on it,found and used this instead. Some posters mention earlier versions of yamb (1.6) may work better on some systems, but I havent tested it. MP4Joiner did the job well, and unlike yamb, I am able to add multiple files at once. Great job from a simple to use tool.

    Posted 04/03/2013
  • rusmanr
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    i join 5 files with same format MP4 640x360 (NTSC) 16:9 h264 and aac stereo , all sound ok, but video corrupted except the last part. earlier version all video ok but audio disappear except the first part. ill wait for your next release. and thanks for your effort for making this software.

    Posted 04/01/2013
  • reinerschm
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    Just compiled and tested it. Iagree => easy and simple.

    Posted 01/25/2013
  • crlynfanss
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    Simple to use and stable

    Posted 08/09/2012