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adms-2.3.4: * able to parse BSIM6, BSIMCMG (107.0.0) * merge patches from WRspice * preprocessorLex.l: * remove print to screen of `disciplines.vams` * Change string recognition to allow embedded \" as literal quote * Capture quoted string containing line continuation character `\` * avoid spurious fatal error from an included file which last line contains onlywhite space. * preprocessorYacc.y: * fix BSIM6 parse problem, string macro arg broken by continuator caused 'unexpected end-of-line' error. * verilogLex.l: * Change string recognition to allow embedded \" as literal quote * admsXml.c: * update website address on info message * turn error on verbose message for mismatched assignments (WRspice) adms-2.3.3: * adms.implitic.xml * add all standard functions and transcendental functions (LRM v2.3.1) * add `$limit` function, used in Xyce * fixed CMake build system: * enabled config.h reader configuration, checks for HAVE_ defines used on the generated source code. * added module to search for Perl modules (maintainer mode) * it runs the Perl scripts to generate source code * preprocessorLex.l: set Flex ptional output name to `preprocessorLex.c` * verilogaLex.l: set Flex optional output name to `verilogaLex.c` * install admsCheck: this is a test program for admsXml * admsXml, admsCheck: link libraries statically * Set static linking on Linux, OSX, Windows * Drop DLL support on MINGW (Win32), static linked adms-2.3.2: * further cleanup, no new language features * bump bison dependency, bison-2.6+ (tested with 2.7.1 and 3.0.2) * update admsXml help * use Git hash as revision number * show OS and Compiler version * fix `make dist` to create tarball * introduce support for CMake build scripts * update Readme and build instructions adms-2.3.1: * very little change from adms-2.3.0 * small improvements to build system and tidied up source download package. adms-2.3.0: svn release 1190 * Last released version used by Qucs and QucsStudio teams. * The original svn repository this was created from is now closed to the public. --- 2010-08-01 Holger Vogt * autogen.sh: update for CYGWIN and LINUX * compile-mingw.sh: added to allow compilation of admsXml.exe on MINGW * configure.ac: check for GD perl module removed * /images/makefile.am: image generation removed (are already there). * mkelements.pl: add preprocessor flag 'staticlink' to use with MINGW compilation
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