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rcslib-win32-10-nov-2010.zip 2010-11-10 6.9 MB 22 weekly downloads
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rcslib-2010.10.15.tar.gz 2010-11-10 4.4 MB 22 weekly downloads
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Installation of RCS for 2010-11 For windows: Download the file rcslib-win32-10-nov-2010.zip. This file contains the compiled windows libraries and header files. To build under linux or cygwin, download the file rcslib-2010.10.15.tar.gz. This file was constructed with 'make dist' from the rcs source. It is recommended that this file be unpacked in the directory /usr/local. This may be done with cd /usr/local tar -zxvf rcslib-2010.10.15.tar.gz Then issue the following commands from /usr/local/rcslib-2010.10.15: ./configure make cd src/java make cd ../.. make install prefix=/usr/local/rcslib If you have problems making the java .jar files, download the precompiled files from rcs-jarFiles-2010.10.15.tar.gz and place them in /usr/local/rcslib/bin.
Source: readme.txt, updated 2010-11-10