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UniController 2014-05-29 22 weekly downloads
UniService 2014-04-27 22 weekly downloads
EditHosts 2014-04-27 22 weekly downloads
ZeroXI_mariadb_5_5_37a.exe 2014-05-22 3.3 MB 11 weekly downloads
UniServer_ZeroXI_Modules_readme.txt 2014-05-02 3.4 kB 11 weekly downloads
Source_readme.txt 2014-02-19 592 Bytes 22 weekly downloads
Welcome to UniServer ZeroXI Module Releases ----------- Introuction ----------- The Uniform Server ZeroXI design is modular. Install only modules (plugins) that you require. Each server requires a controller, which automatically detects installed plugins. ---------- Controller ---------- Download and save the controller file ZeroXI_controller_1_0_6.exe to either a new folder or top-level of a drive. The file is a self-extracting archive, double click to run, a new folder UniServerZ is created containing the controller UniController.exe and support folders and files. UniController.exe - User interface for UniServer ZeroXI ------------------------- Install modules (plugins) ------------------------- Download and save module (plugin) to folder UniServerZ again these are self-extracting archives double click to run, if prompted allow overwrite. Summary install modules: 1) Copy a module (plugin) to folder UniServerZ 2) Double click on the downloaded module 3) This starts the extraction process 4) If requested allow overwriting of existing files. -------------------- Clean module install -------------------- First time installation of modules proceed as above. Modules that have already been installed first delete the module folder and then proceed as above. For details see manual or ZeroXI_controller_read_me.txt -------------------- ZerModules (Plugins) -------------------- MD5 Checksums: 6cd0ccb4fa8f80a8e03653f37efede18 ZeroXI_adminer_4_1_0.exe 523cdfc21e26e9bd79486b8560a27b64 ZeroXI_apache_2_4_9_g.exe 98b6cc6b85a63b3756421b3e5f205a89 ZeroXI_controller_1_1_1.exe c93d15eb364c4a3c3f3cce594810edbc ZeroXI_documentation_1_0_5.exe a632a15c76cf4137bfe0809065bf26c0 ZeroXI_lua_1_0_0.exe c9ed4fd1a02ab6ae32c1419648516363 ZeroXI_mariadb_5_5_37.exe c71a29d0fcedf3ce914a29c6a9edfe46 ZeroXI_mariadb_10_0_10.exe d04e1bb7afea973916d4b69a876b95dc ZeroXI_mysql_5_5_37.exe 4dad931c4a592c3b1b152a9c93319d9c ZeroXI_mysql_5_6_17.exe b0d10927bedbe921d4f7348a00d2e1b6 ZeroXI_palemoon_24_5_0.exe 634d8756faf6c4542d6469a392318430 ZeroXI_pear_1_0_1.exe 1ef32fd701313f233dc802b54f32bd73 ZeroXI_phpmyadmin_4_1_14.exe e6f201ced1cc2056415179b7531d6bee ZeroXI_phpmybackuppro_2_4.exe 4367e754c787250fdfc64986b45d0dc4 ZeroXI_php_5_2_17.exe 6f5cb4674650c306d8f0dbc5c98376b3 ZeroXI_php_5_3_28b.exe 09f6488eede6e1bf671ef5a5eae3cea6 ZeroXI_php_5_4_28a.exe c201cf8cb57c06b15941355e64628c5a ZeroXI_php_5_5_12a.exe 1dfedaa7d0d04aeb5950229bfaa969e3 ZeroXI_php_5_6_0_beta2.exe 65a7576b565ad60f150c3d7cd607e0e2 ZeroXI_strawberry_perl_5_18_1_1.exe bd7a77263259a4e387ead1834fab615c ZeroXI_strawberry_perl_mini_5_18_1_1.exe 096dc22c915508f84ae5506cb1726b8a ZeroXI_sypex_dumper_2_0_10.exe 5a165bd81e6529aec55fb5a757c6681e ZeroXI_uniservice_1_0_5.exe Note: MariaDB alternative to MySQL server ------ Note 1 ------ The Archive_old_versions folder contains old Module releases. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright 2002-2014 The Uniform Server Development Team All rights reserved. The authors were trying to make the best product so they cannot be held responsible for any type of damage or problems caused by using this or another software. ---o0o---
Source: UniServer_ZeroXI_Modules_readme.txt, updated 2014-05-02