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---------------------- Which file to download ---------------------- Ensure you download the appropriate version for you Uniform Server Uniform Server Coral_8_5_8: Uniform Server Coral_8_5_7: File Coral_Unitray_basic_8_2_0.exe File Coral_Unitray_intermediate_8_2_0.exe File Coral_Unitray_full_8_2_0.exe Uniform Server Coral_8_1_0: File Coral_Unitray_basic_8_1_0.exe File Coral_Unitray_intermediate_8_1_0.exe File Coral_Unitray_full_8_1_0.exe Uniform Server Coral_8_0_0: File Coral_Unitray_basic_8_0_0.exe File Coral_Unitray_intermediate_8_0_0.exe File Coral_Unitray_full_8_0_0.exe ------------- Coral UniTray ------------- Coral UniTray consists of two pop-up menus these are opened by clicking on the tray icon. Left mouse click opens menu for running servers as a standard program. Right mouse click opens menu for running servers as a service. The tray icon provides server status information: Digits 1-9: Indicate currently running instance. Default 1, servers running on standard ports. The tray icon is split into two coloured areas: Top half: Indicates Apache status. Red server not running and green server is running. Bottom half: Indicates MySQL status. Red server not running and green server is running. ---------------------- Coral UniTray versions ---------------------- There are three version of Coral UniTray: Note: L) Left menu, R) Right menu and C) Common menu item. --Basic: Coral UniTray Basic provides menu items to launch either of the two UniController menus for running the servers as a standard program or as a service. L) Menu - Run as program: Opens UniController menu Start_as_program.exe R) Menu - Run as service: Opens UniController menu Start_as_service.exe C) Server Documentaion: Diplays HTML documentation in default browser. C) About: UniTray menu information. C) Exit: Close Coral UniTray. --Intermediate: Coral UniTray Intermediate in addition to the basic version functionality includes direct Apache and MySQL server control. It eliminates the need to first open UniController menu before running servers as a standard program or as a service. L) Start UniServer (Apache MySQL): Start/Stop both servers L) Individual Server Control >> Start Apache Server: Start/Stop Apache Server Start MySQL Server: Start/Stop MySQL Server R) Install and Run All Services (Apache MySQL): Start/Stop Services R) Individual Service Control >> Install Apache Service: Install/UnInstall Apache Service Start Apache Service: Start/Stop Apache Service Install MySQL Service: Install/UnInstall MySQL Service Start MySQL Service: Start/Stop MySQL Service --Full: Coral UniTray Full expands UniTray’s capabilities to include most commonly used server utilities. ------------------------ Installing Coral UniTray ------------------------ Installation is identical for each version of Coral UniTray. 1) Download one of the above files 2) Save to folder UniServer 3) Double click on the file this runs the self extracting archive. 4) If prompted allow overwriting of existing files. 5) A new file Run_UniTray.exe is created in folder UniServer 6) If you wish delete the installation file it is no longer required. --------------------- Running Coral UniTray --------------------- 1) Double click on file Run_UniTray.exe 2) Creates a numbered tray icon. (Number located within a white circle). Number 1: Indicates default Installation of Uniform Server If the servers have been moved (multi-server) number will be between 2 and 9 or blank. Double click icon : Displays full current status of servers. Left click icon : Opens menu items for running as a standard program. Right click icon : Opens menu items for running as a service. ---------------- Language support ---------------- Language used by Uniform Server is selectable from either the program or service UniController menus. These menus are started using Start_as_program.exe or Start_as_service.exe respectively (Note UniTray's first menu item). UniTray automatically detects the language selected and uses appropriate files (LanguageName_tray.vbs and LanguageName_tray.ini) from folder UniServer\plugins\tray_menu\lang. If language files do not exist UniTray defaults to English. ------------- General notes ------------- After starting the Apache server and or the MySQL server, you can close UniTray and or UniController. Servers continue to run and restarting these menus the current server status is automatically detected allowing the servers to be stopped or started. The menus (UniTray and UniController) are tightly integrated and server changes initiated in one menu are reflected in the other. However some commands initiated from UniTray cannot be reflected in UniControler in this situation UniController is automatically closed and requires a manual restart. ---o0o---
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