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mingw32 gettext ======================================================================== GNU Internationalization library and utilities. This distribution incorporates pre-built binary components, which have been specifically compiled for the "mingw32" subsystem; in other words, they comprise binary executables and object libraries suitable for native use on Microsoft's 32-bit Windows operating system. As such, the gettext packages should be installed into the /mingw directory (which is usually, but not always, C:\MinGW). For the most part, the binaries and object libraries provided by the gettext packages have runtime dependencies detailed below, which generally represent other libraries provided by the mingw team. (Standard components of the operating system are not listed). However, there are a few exceptions to this general rule: autopoint gettextize gettext.sh These utilities are provided in the form of Bourne shell scripts, and thus require a Bourne shell to execute. The MinGW Project recommends the use of their own MSYS shell system, but other products may suffice -- YMMV. These scripts CANNOT be invoked directly from Microsoft's cmd.exe. In addition, these scripts may also rely on the presence of other unix-derived utilities. These additional requirements are outlined below, but are usually available in a standard unix or MSYS installation. Runtime requirements mingw32-libintl-dll-8 mingw32-libiconv-dll-2 0.14-2 mingw32-libcharset-dll-1 0.14-2 mingw32-libgcc-dll-1 4.6.1-2 Additional runtime requirements for autopoint, gettextize, and gettext.sh mingw32-autoconf-bin 10-1 mingw32-autoconf2.5-bin 2.68-1 mingw32-automake-bin 4-1 mingw32-automakeX.Y-bin <varies> msys-core-bin 1.0.17-1 msys-coreutils-bin 5.97-3 msys-perl-bin 5.8.8-1 msys-libcrypt-dll-0 1.1_1-3 msys-libgdbm-dll-3 1.8.3-3 msys-zlib-dll 1.2.5-1 msys-cvs-bin 1.12.13-2 Build requirements (these, or newer) mingw32-gcc-core-bin 4.6.1-2 mingw32-binutils-bin 2.21.53-1 mingw32-w32api-dev 3.17-2 mingw32-mingwrt-dev 3.20 mingw32-mingwrt-dll 3.20 mingw32-gcc-tools-epoch2-autoconf-bin 2.64-1 mingw32-gcc-tools-epoch2-automake-bin 1.11.1-1 mingw32-libtool 2.4-1 mingw32-mgwport-bin 0.10.5-1 msys-core-bin 1.0.17-1 msys-coreutils-bin 5.97-3 msys-bash-bin 3.1.17-4 msys-patch-bin 2.6.1-1 msys-make-bin 3.81-3 msys-tar-bin 1.23-1 msys-sed-bin 4.2.1-2 msys-gawk-bin 3.1.7-2 msys-gzip-bin 1.3.12-2 msys-bzip2-bin 1.0.6-3 msys-xz-bin 5.0.3-1 msys-wget-bin 1.12-1 msys-texinfo-bin 4.13a-2 msys-file-bin 5.04-1 msys-cvs-bin 1.12.13-1 msys-perl-bin 5.8.8-1 msys-libcrypt-dll-0 1.1_1-3 msys-libgdbm-dll-3 1.8.3-3 msys-zlib-dll 1.2.5-1 Canonical homepage: http://www.gnu.org/software/gettext/ Canonical download: ftp://ftp.gnu.org/pub/gnu/gettext/ License: GPL Language: C, C++, C#, CLisp, Java, ObjC, Pascal, Perl, Python, Php, Shell, Smalltak, tcl, ======================================================================== Build instructions: unpack gettext- mgwport gettext- all This will create: gettext- gettext- gettext- gettext- gettext- gettext- libasprintf- libgettextpo- libintl- See `mgwport --help' for other options. ======================================================================== Test suite results This section of this document is updated with each new release. No history is maintained here. gettext-tools ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 of 314 tests failed (30 tests were not run) Skips: SKIP: gettext-3, -4, -5, -6, -7 SKIP: msgunfmt-csharp-1 SKIP: msgunfmt-java-1 SKIP: msgunfmt-tcl-1 SKIP: recode-sr-latin-1 SKIP: recode-sr-latin-2 SKIP: format-c-5 SKIP: lang-* PASS: -elisp, -ycp, -po, -rst gettext-3: skipped on non-glibc systems gettext-4: skipped (no 'traditional french locale') gettext-5: skipped on non-glibc systems gettext-6: skipped on non-glibc systems gettext-7: skipped on non-glibc systems msgunfmt-csharp-1: skipped because csharp not available msgunfmt-java-1: skipped because java support not built msgunfmt-tcl-1: skipped because tcl too old recode-sr-latin-1: skipped (no 'french UTF-8 locale') recode-sr-latin-2: skipped (no 'japanese EUC-JP locale') format-c-5: fa_IR locale not supported Note that ALL of the lang- tests are skipped (or, if not skipped, they should have been skipped). The properly-written lang- tests check the return value of setlocale(), and if it fails (which it does), then the test itself is skipped. Fails: FAIL: msgexec-4 msgexec-4: Looks like a ^M line ending thing. gettext-tools/gnulib-tests ------------------------------------------------------------------------ All tests fail when --enable-relocation (the tests do not "activate" the relocation support, but the gnulib library they link to expect it). The same behavior is seen on cygwin when configured using --enable-relocation. However, when compiled without --enable-relocation on cygwin, all 47 tests pass (2 tests are skipped). gettext-runtime ------------------------------------------------------------------------ All 1 tests passed ======================================================================== Port Notes: ---------- gettext- -- 2011 Sep 10 ----------- * Rebuild with gcc-4.6.1 * Include patches derived from cygwin gettext- ---------- gettext- -- 2011 Sep 10 ----------- unreleased ---------- * Update to latest upstream release * Switch build system to use mgwport ---------- gettext-0.17-1 -- 2009 Jul 25 ----------- * First non-testing release of gettext for mingw32 by the MinGW team. Includes patches derived from cygwin gettext-0.17-11, plus the following mingw-specific changes (in addition to cygwin changes that may affect the same files): * build-aux/fixaclocal: work around bug with MSYS path conversion and sed expression. * gettext-tools/configure.ac: Explicitly require C++ compiler. * gettext-tools/woe32dll/gettextlib-exports.c: Newer mingwrt supplies functional long_getopt in -lmingwex; no need for rpl. * gettext-tools/misc/gettextize.in: Properly handle pathnames with '\\' path separators. * gettext-tools/misc/autopoint.in: Ditto. * Compiled using the following flags: --enable-shared --enable-static --enable-relocatable --enable-threads=win32 --disable-openmp --disable-native-java --disable-java * Relocatable: configuration prefix is /var/tmp/gettext-reloc-XXXXXX where XXXXXX is a random string. The use of a one-time-random installation prefix -- one unlikely to be present on the destination machine -- is recommended when using the relocation machinery. * No openmp: the msgmerge utility is multithread-capable. To avoid additional dependencies, we avoid that here (although it has been tested with mingw gcc 4.4.0 and does work). * No java support: as of mingw gcc 4.4.0, java support is still a bit unstable, so we avoid it.
Source: gettext.README.txt, updated 2011-10-21