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gcc-4.7-release 2013-05-05 130130 weekly downloads
gcc-4.8-experimental-stdthread 2013-04-07 44 weekly downloads
gcc-4.8-release 2013-03-23 129129 weekly downloads
update 2013-01-15 11 weekly downloads
gcc-4.6-release 2012-12-29 22 weekly downloads
clang-3.2-release 2012-12-29 55 weekly downloads
gcc-4.8-unstable 2012-12-28 11 weekly downloads
gcc-4.7-experimental-stdthread 2012-12-26 11 weekly downloads
gcc-4.8-experimental-seh 2012-09-25 11 weekly downloads
clang-3.1-release 2012-08-11 11 weekly downloads
release 2012-08-10 22 weekly downloads
gcc-4.5-release 2012-08-10 2424 weekly downloads
old 2012-04-29 11 weekly downloads
Readme.txt 2012-08-11 1.2 kB 11 weekly downloads
Welcome to the rubenvb MinGW-w64 download section. You will find the latest MinGW-w64 GCC toolchains here, which include: - GCC: compiler for (obj-)c(++), and fortran - binutils: linker and object file inspection - gdb: debugger - Clang: works great for 32-bit, aside from some minor DLL-related issues. There are packages for each release of GCC, from 4.5 to the current release. The latest release version is always recommended. Experimental packages provide certain features not yet considered stable, as a preview. What do you need to download? Packages are named as follows: [Target]-gcc-[Version]-release-[OS]-rubenvb.* [Target]-clang-[Version]-release-[OS]-rubenvb.* Target: GCC triplet for the system this toolchain builds code for: x86_64-w64-mingw32: 64-bit Windows i686-w64-mingw32: 32-bit Windows Version: GCC version OS: OS the toolchain is built for: linux64: 64-bit linux win64: 64-bit Windows win32: 32-bit Windows (also work on 64-bit Windows) cygwin: Cygwin ( You need an archive program like 7-zip ( to unpack these packages.
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