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mingw-w64-gcc-4.7.2-runtime-2.0.7-static-ada-gc-20121112.7z 2012-11-15 29.6 MB 11 weekly downloads
change.log 2012-11-15 549 Bytes 11 weekly downloads
mingw-w64-gcc-4.7.2-runtime-2.0.7-static-ada-gc-20120925.7z 2012-09-25 41.8 MB 11 weekly downloads
mingw-w64-gcc-4.7.1-runtime-2.0.6-static-ada-gc-20120913.7z 2012-09-13 29.5 MB 22 weekly downloads
mingw-w64-gcc-4.7.1-runtime-2.0.3-static-ada-20120625.7z 2012-06-25 29.3 MB 11 weekly downloads
mingw-w64-gcc-4.7.0-runtime-2.0.2-static-ada-20120426.7z 2012-04-26 29.2 MB 11 weekly downloads
mingw-w64-gcc-4.7.0-runtime-2.0.1-static-ada-20120330.7z 2012-03-30 29.3 MB 11 weekly downloads
FAQ Q: I can saw different folder in the personal build, what is the difference? A: There are binaries uploaded by different contributor, and every contributor may support different features. Q: What is your naming format? A: You can see the file name is like: mingw-w64-gcc-4.7.1-runtime-2.0.6-static-ada-gc-20120913.7z. mingw-w64: 64bits compiler. gcc-4.7.1: gcc version runtime-2.0.6: mingw-w64 runtime version static: compiled as static ada-gc: major difference with other release, this means ada and objc-gc is updated. 20120913: build date for tracking Q: What is the feature list of your binary? A: This release supports C, C++, OBJC, OBJC++, ADA, I aslo added the library of pthread & DL libraries. One major difference is I patched boehm-gc, upgrade it to gc 7.2d, so it works fine under Windows. and I removed the gcj, since seldom people use JDK beyond Oracle JDK, this help to reduce the package size. Go support is pending, because Google look less interesting in support Go on Windows. Q. Description of the folders: A: 64bit-Tools --- some language and tools, and 64bit MSYS environement will be added soone GCC-4.7.x-with-ada --- for GCC 4.7.X serials GCC-4.6.x-with-ada --- for GCC 4.6.X serials, will continue update if necessary. 64bit-libraries --- Popular C/C++ libraries like gettext, libz, compiled as 64bit GDB --- Powerful debug tool for GCC Q: Special Recommend A: Here I would like to recommend the Ruby release, very easily to compile the ruby gem with GCC, to do this, you just need to a. download the package and extract it at somewhere, for example C:\ruby64 b. add the path (C:\msys\1.0\etc\profile), in msys, it format is /c/ruby64/bin. c. Open the msys, and type ruby -v to check if everything is correct. d. try some gem which need native compile, for example 'gem install bson_ext', you can see it complete as expected. e. After that , you can back to any environement you like (Eclise, Visual Studio ) for ruby developement 5. Support You can reach me at if you need some special version binary.
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