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The MD5summer is a GUI application for generating and verifying MD5 checksums of files. Entire directory structures can be summed recursively. Input and output files are compatible with those of the GNU md5sum application.

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  • robertschroder
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    This is completely broken. Upon opening it asks you to select a root folder. Thats it. There is nothing else you can do. Clicking on a folder in the menu does nothing. Double clicking just opens the folder. RIght click brings up the standard windows right click menu. No other menus available. How do you actually generate a checksum? Maybe it works with telepathy only and I am not gifted enough.

    Posted 12/05/2014
  • treborg2
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    previous review says LOL Works? .. That should give you a clue this is not for the novice. Standalone is good, hell its GREAT BUT... not to the point it sacrafices the ability to use the program across the board. The program in its current form will Sum files, directories of files, etc...and will compare to a "hash" file, but the interface lacks windows commonality, and the three button approach doesn't work well. A better way to do this, would be to have the standard two sided window, folders on the left, files *and* folders on the right, and then the options to Compute Sums, Compare Sums, Exit. The words on the buttons can make or break the tool too. Simple one line/paragraph stating to Select file(s) or folder(s) to act upon and then press the button below.. would have made this program much more idiot friendly, I guess I'm just the better idiot.

    Posted 08/29/2009
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Win32 (MS Windows)

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