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MarsBaR release 0.43 (Saturday 19 November 2011) ------------------------------------------------ * Bugfix release * Fix for nasty F contrasts importing bug - see https://github.com/matthew-brett/marsbar/issues/1 . Thanks to Scott Fairhall for pointing this one out. * Fix wipeout of vector when only one image sampled by getdata - thanks to Noelia Ventura for the report * Fix startup crash in getting defaults in SPM8 / Matlab 2011b (and maybe earlier versions * Update call to fileparts in prerocessing scripts - out of date for recent matlabs (at least 2011b). * Add fix for ignored ROI hold value - thanks to Peter Ziedman for finding the bug * Excel files had 'wk1' suffix - fixed to 'xls' Thanks to Niels Petter Bjørre Sigvartsen for pointing this one out. * Bug in spm_get wrapper causing crashes in GUI for option setting - thanks to TC Chiang for the report. * Fix bug reported by Chris McNorgan, where int radius causes error in point conversion * Add some tests and testing framework.
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