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=================== MicroApache Monitor =================== MicroApache Monitor is an application for controlling MicroApache from the Windows notification area (commonly referred to as the system tray). Analogous to ApacheMonitor.exe that ships with the standard Apache distribution, MicroApache Monitor provides context menu actions for starting, stopping, and restarting MicroApache. Requirements ============ * A Windows PC (I use Windows XP SP3) * MicroApache (I use `MicroApache version 2.2.2`_) * Python (I use `Python 2.6.5`_) * `PyWin32 Python package`_ * setuptools (just run the `ez_setup.py Python script`_) .. _MicroApache version 2.2.2: http://microapache.amadis.sytes.net/#MicroApache%202.2.x .. _Python 2.6.5: http://www.python.org/download/releases/2.6.5/ .. _PyWin32 Python package: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pywin32/ .. _ez_setup.py Python script: http://peak.telecommunity.com/dist/ez_setup.py Installation and Setup ====================== * Install the requirements listed above. * From command prompt, run:: ``easy_install MicroApacheMonitor`` * Edit ``C:\Python26\Scripts\mapachemon_start.bat`` to point to your MicroApache installation. * Optionally, you can add ``mapache_start.bat`` to your startup folder, so it will start automatically when you log in to Windows. Usage ===== * Run ``mapachemon_start.bat``. By default, this also starts the MicroApache server. * Use the context menu actions to control MicroApache. * The *Quit* context menu action will also stop the MicroApache server. Other Notes =========== * MicroApache Monitor does not use Windows services. This means any user can use MicroApache Monitor without needing administrative priveleges. * All of the requirements can be installed without administrative priveleges also. Help and Support ================ MicroApache Monitor uses a mailing list as its main support mechanism. Subscribe to the `mailing list`_, then send your questions or comments to mapachemonitor-users@lists.sourceforge.net. .. _mailing list: https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/mapachemonitor-users Thanks to ========= * The Apache Software Foundation * The maintainer of MicroApache (http://microapache.amadis.sytes.net/) * Simon Brunning -- for providing his SysTrayIcon.py module (http://www.brunningonline.net/simon/blog/archives/001835.html)
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