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MANNING EQUATIONS SOLVER 1.0 The purpose of this program is the determination of normal depth in open channel. The main idea is to solve the Manning equation with respect to depth as single nonlinear equations. Three solvers are implemented: bisection method, secant method and Newton method. The root bracketing is also implemented. Currently, the program is prepared as bash script called 'mansol.sh'. Additional fortran codes are compiled during execution of the script. The program may be run under Linux OS from console. To run the program, gfortran compiler has to be installed. During first run type: ./mansol.sh --help or ./mansol.sh -h Additional information will be displayed. To compute the ASCII data file is needed. Typical data files may be found in 'examples' directory. The structure of the data file is described there. Any comments and remarks, please send to tdysarz@gmail.com Tomasz Dysarz Poznan, 25.08.2012
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