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======================== MangaStream Downloader ======================== Author: Bc. Grigor "sirDarts" Riskov Licence: GPL Current version: 4.2 =============================================================================== Change log: =============================================================================== v4.0: New features: 1. MangaFox support added. 2. Download All Chapters added (currently only for MangaFox). v3.0: Bug fixes: 1. The downloader no longer downloads unwanted chapters. New features: 1. You can now download chapters with any names - just put the first word in the chapter name into the Chapter text field. 2. You can download all new chapters with 1 click from the Check New Chapters window. 3. Added Edit manga button. 4. The code is much better structured now. v2.25: Bug fixes: 1. Works again after yet another change by MS. v2.2: Bug fixes: 1. Adding manga works again, after a change made by MS. 2. Downloading manga works again as well. v2.1: Bug Fixes: 1. When you add an nonexistent manga, you will be warned about this fact. 2. When you try to download a no longer supported Manga, or Chapter, you will be notified of this fact, instead just an error showing. New Features: 1. You can now modify chapter folder names. (Press the Help button in the options dialog to see supported commands) 2. You can choose to zip the whole folder right after download. v2.0: First public version. 1. Started using TagSoup for parsing. 2. Automated most of the processes. v1.0-1.25: Public beta test, almost everything had to be added manually not worth mentioning. v0.0-1.0: Testing versions. Not realeased to public.
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