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====================================== Magmi 0.7.21 ====================================== Many enhancements & bugfixes Main Enhancements: Refactored options creation (more efficient, persisitent value cache) Added support for "no url endings" Added support for using magento local.xml file based settings (thx Zxurian) Better overall performance (less requests to db, simpler requests too) Added warning for custom model based select attributes Better handling for remote root support in image plugin Added support for translated "global" options Added support for url rewrite generation (on the fly indexer) Main BugFixes: Fixed value duplication due to super attribute pricing Fixed handleIgnore for __MAGMI_IGNORE__ categories Fix for too broad root category assignments in multistore ====================================== Magmi 0.7.20 ===================================== - Security Release, remove all upload functions. ===================================== Magmi 0.7.19a ===================================== - Changed all documentation links to comply with new magmi media wiki host : http://wiki.magmi.org ===================================== Magmi 0.7.19 ====================================== New release package including all plugins ------------------------------------- Core ------------------------------------- Many bugfixes & improvements , more than 1 year dev since 0.7.18 , so too many to list -------------------------------------- Plugins -------------------------------------- - Support for bundled import (thx Björn Tantau) - Support for downloadable import (thx tangkoko SARL)
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