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Ada Contributions Lorenz : a demo/tutorial of Ada, GTK+ and Glade3 Julia : complete demo/tutorial of Ada, GTK+ and Glade3, with Ada tasking. Gate3 : Ada code sketcher for glade3.8 Pcre : a thin Ada binding to PCRE == Copyright == (C) 2012-2013 Francois FABIEN -- Send comments or bugs to : francois_fabien@hotmail.com The programs are licensed under the MIT license. == Lorenz description == Lorenz is a GTK drawing animation that plots the Lorenz chaotic oscillator. The implementation uses the Ada05 language and GtK+ for maximum portability. Date : September 2012 == Julia description == Julia plots a fractal set (see snapshot). This app uses Ada tasking together with various GTk widgets : combobox, butttons and notebook. Works with GTK 2.24 and Glade 3.8 Date : December 2012 == Gate3 description == gate3 generates an Ada prototype from a glade XML file. This prototype enables RAD of user interface in Ada with Glade3 Based on library Templates_Parser. Output can be easily customized. Included : a tutorial for beginners in Gtkbuilder + 5 code samples. Date : November 2012 == Pcre description == Thin Ada binding to the Perl Compatible Regular Expression. Code is 100% Ada, avoiding a C wrapper. Date : October 2012 == Glade3 info == The programs were developped using the builder Glade3 v3.8 on Debian, which is available with GTKAda since May 2012. Glade3/GTKBuilder requires Ada05. The Gtk version used is 2.24, the version of GtkAda for 2012 == OpenGL demos with GtkAda (Gtk2 only) == The demos are 2 lessons from the famous NeHe site and the the penguin demo taken from testgtk. penguin_win_exe.zip is a self contained exe for Windows with all the necessary DLLs. The source files are in opengl_legacy.zip (update sept 2013)
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