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longestline is a commandline, and sortbylinelength are commandline utilities for DOS and Windows.

Useful for verification that any files in filesystem are not longer than MAX_PATH (Windows C++ compiler) or MAXPATH (DJGPP targeting for DOS) which is 260 characters. (see createdatafiles.cmd in longestline-x.x\win\ directory). May have other interesting and fun, and programming uses as well I have not thought of.

longestline gives a detailed report about the longest line in the text file.

sortbylinelength is a linux-style text filter which takes lines of text as standard input and sorts the text by line length (ALL lines in memory at once) and dumps the sorted lines to standard output. it can reverse the order with the --reverse commandline switch.

The only #ifdefs that need to be reworked for multiplatform are in stricmp-noglob.h

Includes binaries for DOS 32-bit DPMI, Windows 32+64-bit, source, build files, and batch files for working with filepaths (data).

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  • fairly fast
  • cross-platform C++ (but no #ifdefs for LINUX)
  • DOS version runs on DOS/9x/me, Windows version runs on windows nt/2000/xp/vista/7/8 and up.


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