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This release fixes some compile issues against newer kernels. The changes since Linux-gpib 3.2.15 are: 2011-04-08 20:34 fmhess * [r1563] drivers/gpib/include/gpib_types.h, drivers/gpib/sys/autopoll.c, drivers/gpib/sys/device.c, drivers/gpib/sys/ibinit.c, drivers/gpib/sys/ibutil.c, drivers/gpib/sys/ibwait.c, drivers/gpib/sys/osfuncs.c, drivers/gpib/sys/osinit.c, drivers/gpib/sys/osutil.c: Cope with loss of "big kernel lock" in 2.6.39 kernel. 2011-04-07 14:53 fmhess * [r1562] drivers/gpib/agilent_82357a/agilent_82357a.c, drivers/gpib/agilent_82357a/agilent_82357a.h, drivers/gpib/ni_usb/ni_usb_gpib.c, drivers/gpib/ni_usb/ni_usb_gpib.h: Convert mutex usage in drivers from old linux/semaphore.h based stuff to linux/mutex.h.
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