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The tarball from this sourceforge site contains LIME 1.0. Other files, such as the LIME users guide (including an updated working version) are also available. To use LIME, you need to have a version of Trilinos 10.X or higher into which you can save and extract the LIME tarball. We assume here that you also have the "Cmake" software package (a unix build environment used by Trilinos) installed. You should end up with a directory structure like the following: $(PROJ_DIR)/Trilinos/LIMEExt LIME is currently built as an extra package within the Trilinos cmake build environment. Accordingly, it is a good practice to create a build directory, e.g. mkdir $(PROJ_DIR)/LIME_BUILD cd $(PROJ_DIR)/LIME_BUILD For a minimal LIME build that enables fixed-point coupling you can use a cmake configuration file like the following to configure LIME: #---------------------------------------- #!/bin/bash # File: lime_cmake TRILINOS_PATH=$(PROJ_DIR)/Trilinos INSTALL_DIR=$(PROJ_DIR)/lime_1.0_light_install EXTRA_ARGS=$@ cmake \ -D CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=$INSTALL_DIR \ -D Trilinos_EXTRA_REPOSITORIES="LIMEExt" \ -D Trilinos_ENABLE_LIME:BOOL=ON \ -D Trilinos_ENABLE_ALL_OPTIONAL_PACKAGES=OFF \ -D Trilinos_ENABLE_TESTS:BOOL=OFF \ -D Trilinos_ENABLE_EXAMPLES:BOOL=OFF \ -D LIME_ENABLE_TESTS:BOOL=ON \ -D LIME_ENABLE_EXAMPLES:BOOL=ON \ ${EXTRA_ARGS} \ ${TRILINOS_PATH} #---------------------------------------- After replacing "$(PROJ_DIR)" with your desired path, simply make this file executable and invoke it inside your build directory. Then build and install LIME. This can be done as follows. chmod u+x lime_cmake ./lime_cmake make install You can test that all went well by running the tests and examples, e.g. cd LIMEExt/LIME ctest More details, such as how to enable JFNK-based coupling, are found in Chapter 3 of the LIME users manual. If you encounter problems, please send e-mail to rhoope@sandia.gov or rcschmi@sandia.gov.
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