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* Updates - 0.4.2 primarily fixes the problem with readRows() which could not be used to read more than count rows because the following call would return an invalid set of entries. o Fixed readRows() o Fixed replicateOnWrite() o Fixed CMakeLists.txt in regard to thrift o Fixed prepareContextDefinition() o Added support for 1.0 and 1.1 o Added the million_rows stress test o Upgraded to thrift 0.8.0 * Thrift (communication between libQtCassandra and Cassandra) The thrift-gencpp-cassandra folder is generated using thrift. It is a good idea top regenerate the folder if your version is different than what is offered in the folder. The command line is: thrift -gen cpp cassandra.thrift The cassandra.thrift file comes with Cassandra and is found in the interface folder. (apache-cassandra-0.8.0/interface) I had no problems with thrift 0.7.0 that I can remember. (It was a bit difficult to find out all the headers and proper order to include them, but no major problems.) With version 0.8.0, I had to fix the CassandraProcessor interface because it made use of apache::thrift::protocol instead of ::apache::thrift::protocol (:: missing at the start.) Also, the netinet/in.h header was not included. I fixed that by including that header in src/QCassandraPrivate.h before including thrift. Note that for the two templates you'll need a space (... boost::shared_ptr< ::apache::...> ...) since <: is a special character.
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