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This is libmtp 1.1.6 A bug fix and improvements release. Changes from 1.1.5 to 1.1.6: - Soname libmtp.so.9.1.0 - binary compatible, new interfaces have been added. - Devices, devices, devices... I think I had a hundred (no kidding) reports for the Nexus 4. It seems hackers just love this device and cannot wait for me to spin a new libmtp. - More careful autoprobing code for Linux, running around in sysfs to try to avoid opening non-MTP devices. The libusb devs do not uniformly like this idea but what shall I do? People still want their devices to autodetect. Any hints welcome, any patches will be reviewed. - Interface extenstions from Philip Langdale to support the Android in-place read/write extensions. This will be used by GVFS for editing files etc, it is actually very useful when treating the MTP device as a "real" filesystem. It only works on Android devices with Google's MTP stack, but hey, that is a fair share of the MTP devices used today. - Several fixes and memory leaks fixed by Lei Zhang courtesy if the Chromebook project, thanks Google! - Did you know that Microsoft silently dropped the MTPZ extension from Windows Phone 8? Now you know. Newer Windows Phone devices are reported to work out-of-the-box with libmtp.
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