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Packaging changes ================= As of 2014-03-22, Cygwin packages have been moved into a custom repository directory. See http://www.libjpeg-turbo.org/Documentation/Cygwin for more details. A new copy of libjpeg-turbo-1.2.90.dmg was uploaded on 2013-02-22 to address an issue whereby turbojpeg.jar could not be used with Java 1.5. Significant changes since 1.2.1 =============================== [1] Added support for additional scaling factors (3/8, 5/8, 3/4, 7/8, 9/8, 5/4, 11/8, 3/2, 13/8, 7/4, 15/8, and 2) when decompressing. Note that the IDCT will not be SIMD-accelerated when using any of these new scaling factors. [2] The TurboJPEG dynamic library is now versioned. It was not strictly necessary to do so, because TurboJPEG uses versioned symbols, and if a function changes in an ABI-incompatible way, that function is renamed and a legacy function is provided to maintain backward compatibility. However, certain Linux distro maintainers will blindly reject any library that is not versioned, so this was an attempt to make them happy. [3] Extended the TurboJPEG Java API so that it can be used to compress a JPEG image from and decompress a JPEG image to an arbitrary position in a large image buffer. [4] The tjDecompressToYUV() function now supports the TJFLAG_FASTDCT flag. [5] The 32-bit supplementary package for amd64 Debian systems now provides symlinks in /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu for the TurboJPEG libraries in /usr/lib32. This allows those libraries to be used on MultiArch-compatible systems (such as Ubuntu 11 and later) without setting the linker path. [6] The TurboJPEG Java wrapper should now find the JNI library on Mac systems without having to pass -Djava.library.path=/usr/lib to java. [7] TJBench has been ported to Java to provide a convenient way of validating the performance of the TurboJPEG Java API. It can be run with 'java -cp turbojpeg.jar TJBench'. [8] cjpeg can now be used to generate JPEG files with the RGB colorspace (feature ported from jpeg-8d.) [9] The width and height in the -crop argument passed to jpegtran can now be suffixed with "f" to indicate that, when the upper left corner of the cropping region is automatically moved to the nearest iMCU boundary, the bottom right corner should be moved by the same amount. In other words, this feature causes jpegtran to strictly honor the specified width/height rather than the specified bottom right corner (feature ported from jpeg-8d.) [10] JPEG files using the RGB colorspace can now be decompressed into grayscale images (feature ported from jpeg-8d.) [11] Fixed a regression caused by 1.2.1[7] whereby the build would fail with multiple "Mismatch in operand sizes" errors when attempting to build the x86 SIMD code with NASM 0.98. [12] The in-memory source/destination managers (jpeg_mem_src() and jpeg_mem_dest()) are now included by default when building libjpeg-turbo with libjpeg v6b or v7 emulation, so that programs can take advantage of these functions without requiring the use of the backward-incompatible libjpeg v8 ABI. The "age number" of the libjpeg-turbo library on Un*x systems has been incremented by 1 to reflect this. You can disable this feature with a configure/CMake switch in order to retain strict API/ABI compatibility with the libjpeg v6b or v7 API/ABI (or with previous versions of libjpeg-turbo.) See README-turbo.txt for more details. [13] Added ARM v7s architecture to libjpeg.a and libturbojpeg.a in the official libjpeg-turbo binary package for OS X, so that those libraries can be used to build applications that leverage the faster CPUs in the iPhone 5 and iPad 4.
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