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The free and open-source libec-vi-repo project hosts LabVIEW virtual instruments (VI's) for use with the CH Instruments libec SDK, which allows you to control CH Instruments hardware from LabVIEW. The libec-vi-repo project is offered under the LGPL (v2). These VI's require the libec SDK to run. To obtain the libec SDK, please visit http://www.chinstruments.com/libec_alpha.shtml Visit the libec-vi-repo project website at http://sourceforge.net/projects/libec-vi-repo/ Contents - about.vi: "Hello Libec" - chi.vi: uses Labview 'native' GUI - chi_controls.llb: technique/parameter controls - chi_input.llb: VI's involved with sending input to libec.dll - chi_output.llb: VI's involved with receiving output from libec.dll - chi_system.llb: libec "system" VI's - demo.vi: uses libec 'built-in' GUI Minimum libec version required: 0.1.4 Copyright (c) 2013 CH Instruments, Inc. Current Subversion revision number: 46
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